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Free Tuition Rewards Points Compliments of ACES and Youth1!

We’re sure you’ve seen the headlines offering you $1,000 of Tuition Rewards Points in your email and on the site.

Don't ignore it. It might seem too good to be true, but it's in fact a great deal that we put together with one of our partners.

What are tuition rewards points? They're guaranteed monetary savings off of college tuition.

Tuition rewards points are accepted as payment towards college tuition at over 400 participating private colleges across the United States.

Here’s how it works:

When you redeem $1,000 of Tuition rewards points by signing up for a Youth1 Premium Profile (annual or lifetime) you will AT LEAST deduct $1,000 off your tuition if your student attends one of the participating colleges.

Each Tuition Rewards Point is worth $1. That means the $1,000 in tuition rewards points is 1,000 points, giving you that $1,000 off your college tuition.

Who is eligible for these points?

Every student who is younger than a high school junior is eligible to earn rewards points. And for those who have rewards points already, your rewards points DO NOT go away once you become a high school junior. You keep all of the points that you’ve earned up to that point. You don't have to play sports in college to use your rewards points, either. Once you've earned them, they're yours.

How do you redeem your points?

Once you sign up for a Youth1 Premium Profile, you will receive a link with instruction on how to redeem your point.

It’s easy.

When a student submits their college application to the school, they first sign up for your assigned partner’s website, go to their “Account Statement” and access their tuition rewards statement. You attach that statement to your application and you’re ready to go!

So get started. Earn $1,000 in tuition rewards points today by signing up for a Youth1 Premium Profile (Annual or Lifetime Only). A premium profile give you access to exclusive content like rankings and top prospect reports. Your profile also gives an athlete's family the ability to share their athletic resume with the world. Post your highlight videos, photos, accomplishments, and goals to your profile and have them published on and shared through Youth1's social media channels.

If you’re already a member and missed the email, send us an email request and we’ll send it to you again. If you're a monthly member and would like to upgrade to take advantage of this special offer send an email to


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