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Free Tuition Rewards Points Compliments of ACES and Youth1!

We’re sure you’ve seen the headlines offering you $1,000 of Tuition Rewards Points in your email and on the site. Don't ignore it. It might seem too good to be true, but it's in fact a great deal that we put together with one of our partners. What are tuition rewards points? They're guaranteed...

Can "healthy" eating actually hurt an athlete's performance?

More and more athletes are recognizing the role that nutrition plays in achieving peak performance. Improving the quality of your diet may result in less fatigue, faster recovery times and a sharper...

20 professional trainers who can get your athlete to the next level

It takes a special talent to work with youth athletes to help them build up their strength, to help them make consistent strides in performance. Much of the challenge of training youth athletes stems...

Top 15 nutrition tips for youth athletes from dietitians and trainers

When you have a youth athlete, providing him or her with proper nutrition is of the utmost importance. But with so many diet trends and food fads, it can sometimes be hard to separate marketing...

15 exercises to prevent common sports injuries

Many athletes have so much adrenaline before a game they don’t want to take time to stretch. Their focus is to get on the field and start play. Skipping pre-game exercises, though, can lead to...

Game Day Stress: How to turn it into a competitive edge

Gameday Stress: How to turn it into a competitive edge

How to raise your sports IQ

Every athlete is looking for an edge. Upping your sports IQ doesn't involve weights or long runs. Per MentalToughnessTrainer.com: There is a new term that is coming up when describing athletes...

Tips from coaches and pros on how to stay in shape in the offseason

It takes months to get into shape and minutes to get out of it. Here’s how can make the most of their offseasons to return stronger than ever.

11 things that will kill your championship dreams

Even the most talented teams can be taken down by intangible factors. It's important as a coach, parent and athlete to know what these championship killers are and make sure your team avoids them.