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Youth1 announces strategic partnership with ACES Nation

Morristown, N.J./Tampa FL. – Youth1 Media, LLC of Morristown, N.J., the nation’s largest digital youth sports media company, announces a strategic partnership with ACES Nation of Tampa, Florida, a professional services firm that provides membership benefits programs for youth organizations.  Their online platform helps organizations to better connect with the wants and needs of their members. By providing world-class tools and resources, youth sports organizations can better educate, equip, and empower their student-athletes, while improving the value proposition for the parents.”

ACES Nation will now be a premiere host of the Y1ACT, the marquee standardized athletic combine test for youth and high school athletes in the country.  Every athlete tested will receive a comprehensive report measuring their speed, agility, explosive core strength, overall athleticism or “Power Rating Index” score, along with various sport specific metrics.  Once the data has been calculated and validated, the athlete’s results will be posted into a national database, then used to compare and rank the athletes within their age group and to other athletes participating in their sport.

“We are very excited to partner with Aces Nation to host the Y1ACT,” said Youth1 President, Laura Petrillo. “ACES Nation’s exciting platform for organizations not only brings the most powerful industry tools to members, but also puts the philosophy of enriching lives into action, which aligns perfectly with our aspirations, particularly as we help guide our members to get even more out of their youth sports experience every day.”

The partnership between Youth1 and ACES Nation will give ACES Nation’s member organizations the opportunity for their student-athletes to compete in the Y1ACT, as part of their organizations annual membership.  Additionally, ACES Nation intends to host many local team-based events throughout the country in multiple sports.

For Youth1, their premium members will now have access to some of the ACES Nation’s premiere offerings, their including educational resources and college scholarship program.

“ACES Nation wants to be thought of, and remembered as ‘difference maker’. This new partnership with Youth1 is a step closer to making it happen,” said Tim Livingston, Founder and CEO of ACES Nation. “Having the ability to host Y1ACT events throughout the country and contribute to the Youth1 membership platform will take our current world-class offering to another level.  Not only will it provide us a physical presence to complement our online platform, but it will maximize our opportunity to help student-athletes achieve their athletic goals by using standardized scores and metrics as the foundation for development.”

Established in 2008, Youth1 is widely acknowledged as the authority in youth sports. The company is committed to uniting this community through exclusive news, features and rankings focused on youth athletes, their parents, coaches and teams. Their team represents leaders across all major sports at the local, regional and national levels that makes Youth1 the leading resource in youth sports, spanning media coverage, combine testing, athlete development and recruitment.

Total Sports Management LLC was founded in 2008 and launched ACES Nation in 2013 with a clear purpose to change the expectations and culture associated with youth sports in order to help ensure that sports families to have a great sports experience.  By focusing on health and wellness, personal and family finances, life skills and college education, athletic development and college recruiting, ACES Nation is helping to transform futures, improve lives, and enrich communities.



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