The Y1ACT's Herofuel leaderboard is live, tracking the top combine performances nationwide | Youth1

The Y1ACT's Herofuel leaderboard is live, tracking the top combine performances nationwide

The Y1ACT has seen some amazing performances from athletes testing around the country. The results are live and all of the top performers are ranked on the official Herofuel Leaderboard.

The Herofuel leaderboard is also where you can find the Herofuel Power Index, the best measurement on an athlete's athleticism in one single number. The Y1ACT measures the most important metrics for athletes to gauge their athleticism, but the Power Index takes it one step further and gives a snapshot on how this can translate to on the field success. By comparing athlete's performances vs other athletes to their weight vs other athletes we're able to put them on a scale of 0 to 200, with higher numbers meaning superior athletic performance. 

As the Y1ACT hold more events across the country this list is destined to become the 1-stop-shop to view the best youth combine performances in the country. Only Y1 Members have access to the list, so be sign up today. 

The Y1ACT is the only standardized athletic performance test for youth athletes nationwide. Youth1 has partnered with Zybek sports, the creators of the testing equipment used at the NFL Scouting Combine to bring this exciting test to youth athletes across the country. The test measures athlete's athleticism by scoring them in the following events:

  • 40 yard dash
  • 3-cone drill
  • Shuttle Drill 
  • Verticle Jump
  • Broad Jump

To sign up for a Y1ACT in your area or schedule the test for your event go to



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