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Pennsylvania Wins Freestyle National Dual Championship

After falling short at this year’s Greco-Roman National Dual Championships and taking home a 4th place 2014-Team-PA FreestyleNatChampionsfinish, Team Pennsylvania Blue regrouped and turned their focus to the Freestyle portion of the event.

A second place finisher in last year’s Freestyle National Dual Championships, Team Pennsylvania would once again face Team Illinois in the Freestyle National Dual Championship. After suffering a 41-34 defeat in last year’s National Dual Championship, Team Pennsylvania was looking to exact revenge on Team Illinois.

Team Pennsylvania reached the Championship bracket by posting a perfect 3-0 record in Pool B where they defeated Team Georgia Blue, Minnesota 1 and New Jersey. Illinois won Pool A with victories over Team Michigan Blue, Team Missouri, Wisconsin White and Team Utah.

In the Championship pool, Team Pennsylvania defeated Team Missouri, Minnesota 2 and Team Washington as Illinois defeated New Jersey, Oklahoma red and Indiana Gold. This set up a rematch of last year’s Freestyle National Dual Championship.

Ian Malesiewski put Pennsylvania out to a quick 4-0 lead as he picked up a tech-fall victory over Jayce Punke. However, Illinois jumped out to a 22-17 lead as they won six of the next eight bouts. Illinois picked up victories from Ronald Tucker, Dylan Ragusin, Travis Ford-Melton, Juan Bazaldua and Will Lewan.

Pennsylvania’s 112-pound wrestler Justin McCoy put a stop to the bleeding as he picked up a tech-fall victory over Matt Ortiz. Carnell Andrews followed up McCoy’s victory with a fall over Michael Gunther and 128-pound Josh Stillings defeated Danny Braunagel 8-5. Pennsylvania wasn’t done yet as 136-pound Jack Hendrick won by tech-fall over Max Frintz to make the score 33-23 in favor of Team Pennsylvania.

With four bouts to go, Drew Hoselton pulled Team Illinois within 5 as he picked up a victory by fall over Caleb Hetrick in 3:12. However, it wasn’t enough for the defending National Dual Champions, as Team Pennsylvania would pick up victories in two of the final three bouts to close out the match. Pennsylvania’s 152-pound Ben Root and 175-pound Gavin Hoffman both picked up victories by tech-fall to close out the match and give Team Pennsylvania a 41-33 victory and the 2014 National Freestyle Duals Championship.

During the event Team Pennsylvania were led by the performances of 84-pound Conner Kievman, 120-pound Carnell Andrews, 128-pound Josh Stillings, 136-pound Jack Hendrick, 160-pound Gavin Hoffman, and 190-pound Ian Malesiewski.

Here is a look at the final results of the Freestyle National Duals:

Gold /Silver Pool Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Pennsylvania Blue F
2nd Place - Illinois F
3rd Place - Minnesota 2 F
4th Place - New Jersey F
5th Place - Oklahoma Red F
6th Place - Team Missouri F
7th Place - Indiana Gold F
8th Place - Team Washington F
1st Place Match
Pennsylvania Blue F defeated Illinois F 41-33.
3rd Place Match
Minnesota 2 F defeated New Jersey F 42-33.
5th Place Match
Oklahoma Red F defeated Team Missouri F 38-35.
7th Place Match
Indiana Gold F defeated Team Washington F 43-34.

Bronze/Copper Pool Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Wisconsin Red F
2nd Place - Team Ohio F
3rd Place - Utah F
4th Place - Team Kansas Gold F
5th Place - Team Arizona F
6th Place - Team Michigan Blue F
7th Place - Minnesota 1 F
8th Place - Team Nebraska USA F
1st Place Match
Wisconsin Red F defeated Team Ohio F 47-27.
3rd Place Match
Utah F defeated Team Kansas Gold F 55-25.
5th Place Match
Team Arizona F defeated Team Michigan Blue F 42-34.
7th Place Match
Minnesota 1 F defeated Team Nebraska USA F 53-24.

Red/Blue Pool Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Colorado Red F
2nd Place - Iowa F
3rd Place - Wisconsin White F
4th Place - Team Michigan Red F
5th Place - Team Georgia Red F
6th Place - Team Kansas Silver F
7th Place - Pennsylvania Red F
8th Place - South Carolina F
1st Place Match
Colorado Red F defeated Iowa F 45-32.
3rd Place Match
Wisconsin White F defeated Team Michigan Red F 47-25.
5th Place Match
Team Georgia Red F defeated Team Kansas Silver F 47-27.
7th Place Match
Pennsylvania Red F defeated South Carolina F 45-26.

Green Pool Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Team Virginia F
2nd Place - Oklahoma Blue F
3rd Place - Colorado Blue F
4th Place - Maryland Black F
5th Place - Team Tennessee F
6th Place - Texas Blue F
7th Place - Team Idaho F
8th Place - Team New York F
1st Place Match
Team Virginia F defeated Oklahoma Blue F 55-26.
3rd Place Match
Colorado Blue F defeated Maryland Black F 39-35.
5th Place Match
Team Tennessee F defeated Texas Blue F 45-22.
7th Place Match
Team Idaho F defeated Team New York F 36-21.


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