Teach Me Tennis wraps up fall season with 6th tournament | Youth1

Teach Me Tennis wraps up fall season with 6th tournament

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The Teach Me Tennis program held its biannual tournament this past weekend, marking the completion of its sixth full session of introducing tennis to area school children.

Sunday’s event capped off the fall season with participants from seven area schools, including the primary level, which is kindergarten through second grade, and the elementary level, which is students in the third, fourth and fifth grade.

Glenwood Primary School won the primary division, and Eastside Elementary School won the elementary division. The winners will receive the Teach Me Tennis trophy engraved with their name to keep until the next tournament in the spring 2018.

The one-day event brings together all of the participating schools to compete in a mini-tennis game. The schools represented include Eastside Elementary in Rockmart, Johnson Elementary, Montessori School of Rome, Glenwood Primary, Armuchee Elementary, Darlington School and Pepperell Elementary.

The tournament is designed to showcase all of the new skills the students learned over the prior weeks.

This season saw 130 children take part in the program, which is a six session afterschool program. Students are given a tennis racquet to keep on the first day of the program, and instructors are trained to teach tennis, a non-traditional sport, both so they can lead the program and so they can enhance their daily physical education classes with a new activity.


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