2020’s Ansley Gunter is a clutch batter headed to Georgia Tech | Youth1

2020’s Ansley Gunter is a clutch batter headed to Georgia Tech

Ansley Gunter is one of the best players from the Sharpsburg, GA area in the Class of 2020.


The 5-foot-7, 215-pound Gunter, who attends East Coweta High School, is a dynamic player that works as a first baseman.  



Gunter, who is committed to Georgia Tech, has earned plenty of recognition during her outstanding career, such as All-State, All-county, County Offensive Player of the Year and selected to GACA Junior All-Star Game.


Gunter is humbled by the accolades.


“I am grateful for them,” Gunter said. “It shows me that all of my hard work pays off but it also keeps me humble because very few people get to say they have them.”


No matter the opponent, on each play Gunter is determined to give it her all.


Gunter is going all out.


The motor is always at full throttle whenever Gunter steps between the lines.


“My mindset is thinking about what can I do to make my pitcher’s job and my infielders’ job easier,” Gunter said. “I want the opponent to not get anything easy when I’m out there on the field.”


Gunter has great passion and energy whenever she’s on the diamond. Gunter tells why she enjoys the game of softball so much.


“I love being around all of my teammates and the family atmosphere,” Gunter said. “I love building lifelong friendships with the people that I know who have my back.”


Gunter has learned many valuable lessons from playing softball that she applies to her everyday life.


The main one is applying perspective to all situations.


“It has taught me you have to work for what you want,” Gunter said. “I know that I have to work for what I get and that nothing will ever just be given to me.”


Gunter recalls her favorite softball memory.


“Last out of the 2017 state championship game. My sister got the ground ball and threw to me at first for her last game in an Indian uniform,” Gunter said. “That is one of the most proud and memorable moments I have while playing.”


Franklin DeLoach has coached Gunter for four years at East Coweta High School.


DeLoach explains the best parts of Gunter’s game.


“First base- Very competitive. She  really knows how to compete in big games at a high level,” DeLoach said. “Hitting-  A lot of pop off the bat.  Led our team in home runs this past season and most extra base hits in the playoffs. Was a main factor in us winning back to back state championships.First base- Very talkative to her teammates on the field and keeping her teammates focused.”


Gunter takes her role as one of the leaders on the team very seriously. Gunter makes sure she’s a daily positive influence on her peers.


“I have their back in anything they do and I always talk to them when they have a bad day. I also talk to them all the time on the field to make sure they no they are not on the field alone,” Gunter said. “The sport is just a game and it does not dictate who you are as a person. Enjoy the sport.”


DeLoach adds that Gunter is one of those consummate teammates that every squad needs to be successful.


“Ansley always plays the game hard and she tends to lead by example,” DeLoach said. “She is not afraid to correct a teammate if they are not focused or working like they should.”


Gunter is appreciative of having amazing role models that are supportive.


“They teach us when you face adversity take a breath and react in a way that will help you and the problem. Do not try being a person you are not and do not try to be anything bigger than you,” Gunter said. “There are two types of people: the humble and the about to be humble.”


DeLoach is an advocate of Gunter’s capabilities.


“Several moments in the last two season Ansley has had game winning hits and big home runs to help solidify the win,” DeLoach said. “Team has a 68-2 record in last two seasons.  

Ansley has been one the main offensive sourced for our successes.”


Gunter has an excellent softball IQ which puts her in position to succeed.

“She really understand the game very well.  She has a great softball IQ, especially as a hitter from count to count,” DeLoach said. “She is one my all-time best two strike hitters.”  


Gunter is on the grind to perfect and hone her craft in any way possible.


“She is always working to get better year around. She doesn’t take any shortcuts and wants to be great,” DeLoach said. “She’s a positive example for her peers to follow.”


Gunter is constantly striving for greatness in everything that she does.


“My goal is to be someone that everyone feels they can turn to in hard times and someone they want to be around,” Gunter said.


Gunter patterns her play after this athlete.


“Amanda Lorenz because she shows her passion for the game and uses her platform to help kids with childhood cancer,” Gunter said.


Gunter explains why she committed to Georgia Tech.


“It is a great atmosphere and the coaches are amazing,” Gunter said. “I am looking forward to playing softball in the ACC.”


Gunter lists math as her favorite subject in school.


“It is a subject that allows me to help others in,” Gunter said. “I get to tutor people that do not understand or get behind.”


DeLoach is confident Gunter is willing to do whatever it takes to keep growing as a player.


“Only one thing that I believe that Ansley needs to continue to work better on. That is keep love in her heart for her teammates when she corrects them,” DeLoach said. “She is competitive and I like that a lot as a coach so I am okay with her saying to the team, “Hey let’s go or Come on.’  However, she is working on doing these things with love in her heart for her teammates.”


DeLoach believes the sky is the limit as long as Gunter continues to stay hungry.  


“She is committed to go play at Georgia Tech after her senior year.  She is one of the best pure hitters in our state in my opinion,” DeLoach said. “She will do well at the next level.”



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