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Sky Brown is a 10-year old professional surfer and skateboarder

Sky Brown is a 10-year old professional surfer and skateboarder from Los Angles, California. She was recently featured on an episode of No Day Off, a series produced by Whistle’s YouTube Channel. The show features all different kinds of young athletes with extraordinary talent and spirit.

Most athletes don’t even dream about going pro before the age of 20 no matter what sport they are competing in. If an athlete is lucky enough to become pro by the ages of 15-20 they are truly considered a prodigy.

If those athletes are prodigies, there may not be a word to describe Sky Brown’s success. Sky learned to skate when she was just four years old; she turned professional at the age of seven. She is looking to compete and represent the UK at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the first Olympic games to feature skateboarding as an official sport. If she qualifies, Sky will be just 12 years old making her the youngest ever British competitor at a summer Olympics.

When Sky isn’t skateboarding she’s riding the waves out in Venice Beach, California, another thing she excels at for someone her age.

“The ocean is very natural for her, when she surfs she knows how to read the waves, that’s an old soul thing.” Said Pat O’Connell, pro surfer and Sky’s mentor.

Balancing two sports can be tricky for anyone, never mind a 10-year old. However Sky isn’t worried about that at all, she is solely focused on the present.

“My goal is to always have fun, I always work hard and do my best but at the end of the day my goal is to enjoy the journey.” Said Sky.

Sky’s surfing and skateboarding style complement each other and in a unique way sharpens her skills in each individual sport. She is always looking to improve at both knows she has to continue to train if she wants to be the best.

“I need to work on a lot of things, I’m not good at very ramp tricks. I never had a chance to skate vert as much, it’s not something that is around me.” Said Sky on how she can get better. “I also want to improve my power because I’m small I don’t have the height and weight to help me gain speed.”

Besides surfing and skating Sky is into MMA, wakeboarding, bike riding and snorkeling. She is also starting to take singing and acting classes. No matter what path Sky choses she is tremendously talented and certainly looks as if she is destined for greatness.


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