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Recruiting Tip: LSU on the lookout for "undersized" RBs

Did you know that both of LSU’s top RB recruits are shorter than 5’10? Not surprising when you look at their RB coach, Kevin Faulk.

Faulk made a name for himself as an receiving back at LSU and in the NFL.

Faulk, 5'8 205 lbs. is LSU's all time rushing leader, compiling 4557 rushing yards and 44 rushing touchdowns in his four years with the Tigers. He added 53 receptions to his stat sheet as well, but it wasn't until he reached the NFL that he really took off asa a pass catcher. Over his 13 year career with the New England Patriots Faulk amassed 431 catches, playing a critical role in the Patriots Super Bowl Dynasty.

When Faulk was inducted to the Patriots Hall of Fame Patriots head coach Bill Belichick heaped praise on the running back. "He was great in the passing game, he was great in the return game when we needed him, he was a great leader," said Belichick.

What does this mean for recruiting? Well, quite a lot if you're an undersized running back (someone under 5'10). The fact that LSU recruited two running backs who are 5'10 or shorter in Kevin Faulk's second season as the Tiger's running back coach is significant. Faulk and the Tigers are showing that they’re on the hunt for all-around backs who are good in the receiving game and open space vs the traditional 6’2 bruiser you’d see in the SEC.

And LSU isn't the only D1 school paying attention to this possible player model - not by a long shot. Many schools who will overlook size in favor of pass catching ability, agility and open filed breakaway speed. You just need to know who they are.

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