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QB Kingston Rust is earning his spot among 2027's elite prospects

Among the elite young prospects from the 2027 class that's making waves for his tantalizing talent is QB Kingston Rust. Rust is not only a rising star at the QB position, but he's one of the leading prospects that will be named to our yet-to-be released Next Up Watchlist.

Rust's talent speaks for itself, as he can do it all from the Quarterback position. If you watch clips of Kingston throwing the ball, you'll see a young QB that's just scratching the surface of his abilities, yet already shows a level of skill well beyond his years.

One thing you should know about Mr. Rust is that he loves to compete at a high level, and losing is not an option for him.

"I want to win at everything I do from football to basketball to school tests and quizzes to playing cards and board games with my family. I hate to lose and never want to accept that it's ok," Rust told Youth1.com.

"Playing football is the ultimate team sport. It's physical but it is also mental and emotional. I like having to use all these things as part of playing the game of football. It requires a lot of energy, focus and commitment which I love to do," he added.

Standing at 6'1", 168 lbs., Rust has elite size for a youth QB. This elite size allows him to see clearly down field to make big time throws. Kingston's arm talent shines on each and every throw, and he can make every throw you'd imagine with ease. 

Perhaps his most standout attribute is his ability to throw deep ball with pinpoint accuracy. Rust has a real presence in the pocket with the ability to make throws on the move at a high level. He has great awareness of his surroundings and knows how to evade pressure to make the right play.

More than anything, Rust prides himself on his ability to make big plays for his team.

"What I like most about the position is being involved in every offensive play means I can really impact and affect the outcome of the game for my team," Rust said.

"I also like being one of the leaders of the team, and in tight games putting the team on my back and carrying us to victory," he added.

The South Kingstown, RI native has become known as a fast-riser from the 2027 class. Our friends at QBHitList ranked Kingston as the #3 Dual-Threat QB in the 2027 class. Kingston is working diligently to make his way to #1, he says. Additionally, he's won an FBU Top Gun Award and been selected to participate in NextGen's The Show.

Rust most recently played for both the Lincoln Lions and Providence Seahawks. His most recent season was a major success, as he's taking major strides forward in his game.

"This season we had a lot of big plays. Our offense was fire! We mercy ruled every team in the regular and postseason on our way to our team’s 5th straight league championship. We averaged 38 points per game," Rust said.

When asked about his progress, Kingston remarked he was pleased with the growth he showed throughout his most recent season. However, he remains very hungry and eager to take his game to another level.

"I feel like I am getting better every year. I see the development and progress I am making every month. Last year I worked a lot on my footwork and improving on my QB drills. This year I worked on two things. First improving my accuracy which I have done and this season over 80% of my throws are on target; and second, extending plays, keeping my eyes down field, and making plays down field," Rust said.

"Next year I will be focusing a lot on reading defensive schemes and coverages both pre-snap and after snap," he added.

It comes as no surprise that Rust models his game after one of the NFL's brightest young stars at the QB position.

"Justin Herbert because he is a big QB like me and he’s a dual threat. He’s a passer first, but if he needs to run, he is fast and can do it. Also, he can make all the throws on the field, like me, and he can dissect the field because he has a high football IQ," Rust said.

2027 QB Kingston Rust has everything you'd want out of a young QB. Superb arm talent, comfort in the pocket, ability to make every throw, and a real presence on the field. As he continues to progress physically and mentally, the sky's the limit for Rust.

"Physically, I want to get stronger both upper body and lower body by lifting weights. Agility wise, I want to take my footwork to the next level and increase my 40-speed time. Mentally, this is the year I want to master reading defenses and defensive schemes," Rust said of some things he's working on to take his game to the next level.

Kingston Rust truly has a chance to be the top QB in the 2027 class.

For more on Kingston Rust, view his Youth1 Player Profile here.


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