Diamond Sports Group's D1 Savage Series finishes up in Dallas, TX this weekend | Youth1

Diamond Sports Group's D1 Savage Series finishes up in Dallas, TX this weekend

The Diamond Sports Group is set to host their third event in their D1 Savage Series this weekend July 6-8 in Dallas, TX. Here they will host some of the best athletes the Midwest has to offer. This comes on the heels of a successful D1 Savage Series event two weeks ago in Canton, OH. 

The games will be played at First Baptist Academy Gym in Dallas.

The D1 Savage Series is designed to find the top youth players in the country and showcase them in their region.

This event is a regional All-Star event for 3rd-8th graders.

The D1 Savage Series is designed to really get to the ground level of youth football. Our Spring All American Game in the pass has been a stepping-stone to finding the Top Players around the country for our Diamond Youth All American Games played in December. The D1 Savage series is now the #1 way to be selected to our Elite East vs. West Games in Vegas," said Donnell Britt.

Britt serves the leader of the Diamond Sports Group and is truly invested in providing the best possible outlet for young athletes around the nation.

The primary goal of these D1 Savage Series events is to be in as many regions as possible to find youth football talent around the nation. Diamond ultimately hopes to find athletes that no one knows about and give them a platform of maximum exposure.

"We want the D1 Savage series to bridge the gap of talented players and showcase them during the spring and have a true assessment of talent in the region. Ultimately it will a live tryout for the East vs. West Game played in Las Vegas January 2019. If a player wants to play at that level they will have to come thru our system or one our exposure partners," Britt said.

Additionally, the D1 Savage Series has partnered with Youth1 Media to provide the Y1ACT. For those unfamiliar, The Y1ACT is a universal combine test with standardized measurements across key athletic performance metrics.

Participating athletes will be tested in the following drills:

  • 40 Yard Dash (10, 20 yard Splits)
  • 5/10/5 (Pro Agility)
  • 3 Cone (L-Drill)
  • Broad Jump
  • Vertical Jump

Britt believes the Y1ACT will be an integral addition to Diamond's already remarkable events.

"This is a awesome addition to our events. Players can now have a state of the art combine, technique training during practice and end the event with a live All Star game for maximum exposure," he said.

"Most players have to attend 3 separate events to have all these things and with the help of Youth1 and Zybek Sports we can offer this all inclusive. Having an NFL style combine also allows us to see if combine numbers really prove a player will be elite," he added.

The Diamond Sports Group's D1 Savage Series is set to continue this weekend on July 6-8 in Dallas, TX.


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