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Camden Kopsick named 6th Grade MVP of the Cobb County FSG Tryout

Among the standouts at the recent Future Stars Game tryout in Cobb County, Georgia was Class of 2023 OL/DL Camden Kopsick. For his stellar performance, Kopsick was named the 6th grade MVP.

"I had a great time at the tryouts. It was really fun interacting with the other kids and fun competing with them," Kopsick said.

"I think I did well and played to the best of my ability."

Standing at 5'4, 170 lbs., Kopsick was among the top performers of the day. His ability to dominate on both sides of line made him a standout among his peers. 

On offense, Kopsick is a powerful offensive tackle with superb footwork and sound technique. His combination of physicality and technique is rare for a player so young. On defense, the Centerville, GA native wreaks havoc as a defensive end, where he enjoys chasing down quarterbacks and stuffing runs in the backfield.

"I love when I hit a player really hard or when I sack the quarterback," Kopsick said.

"I love sacking the quarterback on defense and I like being an offensive tackle because I get to hit every single play," he added.

While being named the 6th grade MVP of the Cobb County FSG tryout is a significant accomplishment for Kopsick, this isn't the first time he's been recognized for his talent. He's been named MVP twice at the Offense-Defense full contact camp and played in the All-American Offense-Defense Bowl 3 years in a row. These are remarkable accomplishments for an athlete that's only been playing football for 5 years.

"Words can’t describe how I felt but I was really proud of myself," Kopsick said in regards to winning MVP. 

"I thought it was really cool because I get to represent Georgia and play for Georgia. I think I played a level above the others 6th graders and I think I deserved to win it."

FSG tryouts serve as a competitive environment for athletes to learn the game while also showcasing their talents. Being able to standout at these tryouts elevates an athlete’s chance of gaining exposure.

"My favorite part was the one-on-ones and of course winning MVP," Kopsick said.

"I think I performed best during the one-on-ones. I think I could do better in the 40 and the short shuffle."

Winning the 6th grade MVP award is an amazing achievement for Camden Kopsick, but this is only the beginning. Kopsick is a talented young athlete with a drive to get better. If his performance at the Cobb County FSG tryout is any indication of what's to come from Kopsick, he'll be a heck of player for a long time coming.

"I feel like I’m getting better and better improving every time I step onto the football field,” Kopsick said.


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