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2025 QB Wyatt Becker named MVP at Under Armour Middle School Camp in Los Angeles

Among the rising youth Quarterbacks in the nation is 2025 QB Wyatt Becker, who is making a name for himself as a talented gunslinger.

Becker was recently named MVP at the Under Armour Middle School Camp in Los Angeles.

"It felt great to be honored with that award, because there were so many really good athletes from all over," Becker told Youth1.com.

"And also because of the great coaching names who were there, they were pro’s and great teachers, and it made me feel that all the hard work was paying off, and boosted my confidence since they had all been at such high levels in football," he added.

Standing at 5'9" 130 lbs., Becker is a budding arm talent that make plays from the pocket. He keeps his feet moving in the pocket and is always ready to deliver a strike. He throws a beautiful ball and usually delivers the ball right on target.

Becker has a real love for throwing the football.

"I love throwing the ball and leading the offense. Love the challenge of reading defenses.," Becker said. 

The Pasadena, CA native is building an impressive resume including Under The Radar QB MVP at their LA Exposure Camp, NextGen "The Show" All-American, FBU All-American, DMAXX All-American and Football Hotbed All-American. 

Being named Under Armour Middle School Camp in Los Angeles is an impressive achievement for Becker, who enjoyed his time at the camps despite some tough weather circumstances.

"It was raining the whole time, so it made it hard for receivers and quarterbacks, but loved that everyone still competed hard, and the coaches ran a great camp even during the rain," Becker said.

"My favorite part of the camp was the one on ones. It felt great throwing to many talented athletes. It’s always my favorite part of a camp because we get to compete close to game-like situations. I also loved all the gear that UA gave out," he added.

As he continues to progress, Becker is dedicated to becoming great at the position. He's identified some areas of his game he'd like to improve upon.

"Learning to read defenses more quickly, studying DB’s foot position to get better pre-reads. Learning to throw with more anticipation. Always working to better my throwing mechanics," Becker said.

2025 QB Wyatt Becker has a bright future ahead of him. His talent is evident and he's sure to be one of the best QBs from his class going forward. Being named MVP at the Under Armour Middle School Camp in Los Angeles is another impressive achievement for Becker as he continues to strive toward his big football dreams.

Most of all, Becker just loves the game of football and all that comes with it.

"Hanging out and working hard with your friends," Becker said of his favorite part of playing football.

"Competing in games. Breaking down defenses. All the mental things that go along with the QB position. Meeting great athletes from all over the country."


For more on Wyatt Becker, view his highlights below.


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