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Team FBU Northern New Jersey Rich In Talent

Team Northern New Jersey held their second tryout this past weekend at Lincoln Park in Jersey City. Some of the best talent from all around the state was their fighting for a chance to make the team. The coaches will have a tough desicion as a new group of kids will be trying out this Saturday as well. Below are some of the stand outs from last weeks try out:  

Class of 2020 (8th grade)

Bryan Felter - OL/DL

Felter is big, strong and can bully the opposition on either side of the line. Last year his impact was felt and is regarded by many as one of the best lineman in the country. Look for him to improve his game even more this year.

Nyjamar Lawrence - RB/LB

Lawrence had the ideal body type for a RB/LB. He is big, strong and showed some versatility catching passes as a wide receiver. When the ball is in his hands he is certainly a threat to opposing defenses.


Logan Clouse - QB

Clouse definitely stood out amongst the competition this past weekend. Clouse’s arm strength, quick delivery and size allow him to make every throw possible. In 7 on 7’s Clouse was not scared to take shots down the field while remaining accurate with his underneath throws.


Lukas Ungar - WR

Ungar is a long, athletic receiver who can go up and get the ball. Standing at 6’2” tall, Unger attacks the ball at its high point and can bring it down with his soft hands. He also demonstrated above average athletic ability during the combine events.


Naim Redding - RB

Redding’s playmaking ability has caught the attention of many people. Whether it is offense or defense, opposing teams must know where he is at all times.

Keshaun Munford - OL/DL

Munford is a force on both the offensive and defensive line. Weighing in at a solid 220 pounds, Munford is looking to punish whoever stands in front of him.

Class of 2021 (7th Grade)

Corey Walker - QB/LB

It is rare to see a quarterback who plays linebacker. It is more rare to see a player excel at both positions; Walker has the athleticism to play linebacker and the ball skills to be an effective quarterback.

Class of 2022 (6th Grade)


Edward Thomas Conoran - WR

Despite being a bit undersized, Conoran has shown the ability to impact games. His quickness and sure hands make him a serious threat at the receiver position.

Caleb Harmon - QB

Besides having the best nickname at the tryout, Caleb “Biscuit” Harmon was very accurate with the football in one on one drills and 7 on 7’s. His competitiveness and football IQ also give him an edge over his competition.

Donovan Salters - QB

Salters is tall, athletic and has good size for a 6th grader. Mobility and arm strength is key to a quarterback’s success; Salters certainly displayed both of those making a variety of difficult throws from all over the field.



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