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2014 Little League Softball World Series - Full Recap

(Youth1 Softball) – It’s been a long and exciting week at Alpenrose Stadium (Portland, OR), home of the Little League Softball World Series. After beginning last Thursday for 10 teams from around the country, Robbinsville, New Jersey representing the East took home the championship title after last night’s final against runner-up Southwest 4-1. Each of the 10 regional championship teams that made it to Portland left it all out on the field, and we’re taking a look back at each team’s highlights from the week, counting down from No.10 to No.1. 10th Place: Asia-Pacific – Iloilo Little League (Iloilo Province, Philippines) Despite travel issues at the beginning of tournament play causing the team to forfeit their first two games, the girls from the Philippines were able to put on a good performance in their remaining games. As a whole, the team offensively combined for 11 hits, two triples, four RBI’s, seven runs, 6 walks, a .169 batting average, and a .239 on base percentage. Leading the way at the plate for Asia-Pacific was Jaimalyn Joy Ambong who produced six hits including two doubles and two triples, scored two runs, and added two RBI’s. Ambong batted an impressive .600 on the week with a .600 on base percentage. On the mound Mae Langga and Royevei Palma combined for 15.2 innings pitched over the course of four games, while recording nine strikeouts and issuing 11 walks.   9th Place: Europe/Africa – Prague Little League (Prague, Czech Republic) The girls from the Czech Republic certainly brought their best to every game, and went 1-4 in tournament play. The team’s win came in the battle for 9th against Asia-Pacific (7-4). Offensively, over the course of five games the girls had 21 hits including a double and a triple, 10 RBI’s, scored 18 runs, walked 23 times, and had a team batting average of .196 with an on base percentage of .348. Offensively, Lenka Bakusova proved dominant at the plate with a total of six hits including a double and two RBI’s, and scored three times. Bakusova produced a .429 batting average with an on base percentage of .500. On the mound, Klara Pospechova threw 13 innings over the course of four games, and recorded 10 strikeouts during the week. Europe/Africa is managed by Petr Cermak, and coached by Petr Pospech and Petra Kolusova. The team is comprised of Ann Auricchio, Kristyna Gemelova, Sabina Markova, Ema Vodickova, Anna Frochlichova, Michaela Otahalova, Lenka Bakusova, Natalie Tvrznikova, Andrea Markvartova, Nikola Brdkova, Johana Klimuskinova, Klara Pospechova, Denisa Pinecherova, and Anna Duskova.   8th Place: West – Chico Little League (Chico, California) Representing Chico, Californina, the girls went 1-4 on the week. Over the course of five games, the squad mustered up 14 hits to include two doubles and three RBI’s. The team pushed 14 runs across the board collectively, recorded nine walks, and had a team batting average of .163 with a .247 on base percentage. Bailey Ranae Reid produced four hits for the squad, and hit .400 on the week. Taylor Culp put on a good performance on the mound, striking out three while allowing just 18 runs against over the course of 13.2 innings of work. West is comprised of Christina Crum, Macy Cea-Spearman, Catherine Bultema, Bailey Ranae Reid, Mary Skillicorn, Joyce Murray, Savannah Auer, Savannah Wahl, Maggie Smith, Karliann Lindquist, Kylene Powell, and Taylor Culp.   7th Place: Latin America – Asofem Little League (Maunabo, Puerto Rico) Puerto Rico went 2-3 in tournament play, with wins against Europe/Africa (7-1), and the West (11-2) in the 7th place game. The girls produced a .438 batting average and on base percentage, while recording 31 hits, 12 RBI’s, and 20 runs. Puerto Rico’s Coralys Santiago produced seven hits on the week with five RBI’s and a .438 batting average. On the mound, Karmary Gonzalez threw 20.2 innings over the course of five games, allowed just 15 hits and six runs against, and struck out 24 The 2014 Latin America squad includes Jairian Leon, Joanlly Rodriguez, Perla Morales, Thalianette Noble, Coralys Santiago, Nahommy Morales, Angelica Sanabria, Katyjushka Rivera, Omaris Torres, Shalis Torres, Karmary Gonzalez, Paola Perez, Yanielis Virola, and Yessenia Vazquez.   6th Place: Oregon District 4 – Tualatin City Little League (Tualatin, Oregon) Host team, Oregon District 4 performed well throughout the week, and picked up victories against Europe/Africa (7-1), and Latin America (2-1) in the 7th place game. Collectively, the squad rallied for 18 hits, 10 RBI’s, 11 runs, and 13 walks. Arabella Valdes and Carly Atwood put up good numbers throughout the week for the home team. Valdes and Atwood each produced three hits apiece for Oregon, and hit right around .300. On the mound, Elizabeth Hillier, Tia Cordts, and Gillian Livingston combined for 23 strikeouts in 27 innings of work. The host team’s roster includes Alexie Klum, Kendra Zuckerman, Tia Cordts, Arabella Valdez, Elizabeth Hillier, Logan Mentzer, Carly Atwood, Brooke Clinton, Nicole Box, Lea Sandoz, Gillian Livingston, Emily Harms, and Jennifer Redfern.   5th Place: Canada – Hampton Little League (Victoria, British Columbia) Representing British Columbia, the girls went 3-2 en route to a 5th place finish at Alpenrose. The squad picked up wins against Asia-Pacific (11-1), West (8-1), and Oregon District 4 9-1 in the 5th place game. Over the course of five games, the team produced an impressive 37 hits to include two triples, 20 RBI’s, and 29 runs while producing a team batting average of .316 and an on base percentage of .403. Jessica Strandlund and Kylie Katz each produced six hits on the week, while Katz, Lauren Thomas, and Alexandria Henderson came up with 4 RBI’s apiece. Kasha Ross threw 22 innings for Canada over the course of four games, giving up just 15 hits, six runs, and four walks against. Ross had 21 strikeouts on the week. Canada’s Roster includes, Melissa Haire, Leann Rompain, Hallie Holland, Alexandra Henderson, Jessica Strandlund, Lauren Thomas, Kylie Katz, Zoe Lott, Isabella Snow, Saleen Burnett, Kasha Ross, and Taylor Chenard.   4th Place: Central – Tallmadge Little League (Tallmadge, Ohio) Central also went 3-2 on the week, with wins over Oregon District 4 (10-1), Europe/Africa (9-1), and Latin America (4-1). The girls made it into the semifinals against East before coming up short. Over the course of six games, the team made 166 plate appearances with 144 at-bats, and recorded 40 hits, 31 runs, and 24 RBI’s. Emily Pratt recorded six hits on the week with five RBI’s and hit .500, while Autumn Malicoat racked up five hits with a .625 batting average and a .750 on base percentage. Pitching duo Pratt and Hallie Mullet did exceptionally well on the mound. Pratt struck out 18 in 19 innings of work while Mullet struck out 13 in 14 innings of work. Central is managed by Nick Dadich, and coached by Brett Bickar and Jim Loveless. Central’s lineup includes, Jordyn Severns, Elizabeth Bickar, Kenna Loveless, Autumn Malicoat, Melina Cioffi, Hallie Mullet, Giavanna Spitali, Delanie Dadich, Alexis Paulo-Roberts, Katelyn Hussing, Lauren Tecca, Paige Leitner, and Emily Pratt.   3rd Place: Southeast – Pioneer Little League (Columbus, Georgia) Representing the Southeast, the girls from Columbus, Georgia made it to the semifinals with a 4-1 tournament record. In order to make it to Tuesday night’s semifinal matchup against Soutwest, the squad defeated Oregon District 4 (11-0), Latin America (1-0), Central (6-3), and Europe/Africa (14-4). Over the course of six games, the team produced 50hits, 30 RBI’s, 39 runs, and put together a .352 batting average with an on base percentage of .432. Kamdyn Fuller, Jada Chadwick, and Ralee Weaver all dominated at the plate for Puerto Rico. Fuller produced nine hits, 4 RBI’s, and a .500 batting average with an on base percentage of .526. Chadwick also had a big week, coming up with 8 hits and nine RBI’s for a .412 batting average, while Weaver had seven hits and six RBI’s en route to a .412 batting average. Weaver was also strong on the mound, putting in 29.2 innings over the course of six games and recording 35 strikeouts. The girls from Columbus, Georgia include, Mary Head, Kennedi Bedel, Aiyana Taylor, Samantha Cotton, Savannah Landrum, Jillian Holloway, Myiah Kelly, Jada Chadwick, Lindsey Sanders, Kamdyn Fuller, Ralee Weaver, and Cydnee Harrison.   Runner-up: Southwest – Bossier Little League (Bossier City, Louisiana) Southwest represented their home state of Louisiana well, and finished the tournament 4-2 overall. The squad survived pool play and semifinals play, making it to the championship game against East. Along the way, the team earned victories against Canada (8-1), West (5-4), Asia-Pacific (4-2), and the Southeast (2-1) in the semifinals. The squad played extremely well through the course of their six game run, and were fundamentally sound throughout the week. As a whole, the squad recorded 42 hits to include nine doubles and two triples, 14 RBI’s and 21 runs while pulling together a batting average of .296 and an on base percentage of over .300. Madison Ennis and Kourtnee White came up big for Southwest throughout the week at the plate. Ennis had a batting average of .562, an on base percentage of .588, and produced nine hits and 3 RBI’s. White also had success at the plate throughout the week, recording seven hits, six runs, and a batting average of .368. Pitchers Chaffin and Easom proved dominate as the girls combined for 24 strikeouts in 33 innings of work, over the course of six games. Runner-up Southwest is managed by Jason Ennis, and coached by John Easom and Todd Chaffin. Bossier City players include, Reagan Jorstad, Jessica Baffuto, Madison Ennis, Brooklyn Brandon, Raelin Chaffin, Alexis Gray, Caroline Easom, Kourtnee White, MacKenzie Chaffin, and Hannah Borah.   CHAMPIONS: East – Robbinsville Little League (Robbinsville, New Jersey) After a disappointing loss in last year’s World Series, Robbinsville Little League, representing the East, returned with eight veterans from last year’s squad with a goal of finishing what they started. The squad beat out Canada (3-0), Asia-Pacific (Forfeit), Southwest (12-1), West (11-1), Central (11-1) in the semifinals, and Southwest (4-1) in the championship. Going on an undefeated 6-0 tournament run (including Asia-Pacific’s forfeit), Robbinsville combined for 136 plate appearances, 110 at-bats, 37 hits, 29 RBI’s, and 47 runs. The team also strung together a .336 batting average. Offensive leaders included Alexa Petito, Olivia Moser, Shea Walsh, MacKenzie Medders, and Amanda Allen. Petito and Moser each had six hits apiece while Walsh, Medders and Allen had five apiece. RBI leaders included Moser and Petito who had seven and six RBI’s respectively, and all five hitters hit close to or above the .500 mark. On the mound, Pettito and Medders combined for 26 innings of work with six strikeouts, while giving up just 21 hits, four runs, and 5 walks. This championship win also marks the first softball World Series championship title for New Jersey. The championship squad is managed by Mark Walsh, and coached by Scott Veisz and Ed James. Robbinsville players include, Grace Maslak, Alyssa Whitman, Ashley Veisz, Shea Walsh, Hannah James, Devon Witt, Emma Binder, Olivia Moser, Alexa Petito, MacKenzie Medders, Allie Taylor, Sarah Mazalewski, and Amanda Allen All 10 squads representing their respective states and countries put on a phenominal showcase of fastpitch Little League softball for everyone watching. It proved to be a very exciting and fun week for everyone in attendance, and we look forward to next year’s Little League Softball World Series. Written by: Erika Yackulic


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