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10U Fastpitch Rankings: Week of May 17

(Youth1 Softball) The 2013 fastpitch season is well underway and that means our regular in-season rankings are back. Each and every Friday, we're bringing you the top teams across the country, that continue to make a name for themselves in tournament play. This week, we take a look at the top 10 10U teams. Agree to disagree? Should your team be amongst the top 10? Submit your latest team information, stats, updates, photos, and videos to eyackulic@youth1.com. 


10U Division - Top 10
#10 Central FL Canes 02 (Altamonte Springs, Florida)
central florida canesAt No.10 this week are the girls of the Central Florida Canes 02. At 18-4 overall, the Canes hold on to a 1226 power rating. The team had a 1st place finish during the fall season, and picked up an additional 1st place finish earlier this month at the Diamond Duel, by going 5-0 in tournament play and producing 45 runs collectively while allowing just 16 against. The team ultimately defeated Crossfire 02 8-2 in championship play.

The Central FL Canes 02 squad is comprised of Summer Cowen, Natalie Federici, Kennedi Gaton, Jamya Gorman, Emma Hall, Isabella Hernandez, Madison Jump, Abby Kidd, Kaylee Lambrecht, Mia Martinez, Jesiana Mora, Cameryn Orland, and Gabby Sacco.

#9 Creeks Crushers 10U (Saint Johns, Florida)

creek crushers rotatorWe're tipping our hats this week to the Creeks Crushers 10U squad out of Saint Johns, Florida. The team currently sits at 25-17-1 with an 1169 power rating and has two 1st place finishes under their belts. The team picked up those victories both in April at the Duval Brawl (5-0), and most recently last weekend at the USSSA Roses for Mom, by going 4-1 in tournament play, producing 36 runs offensively, ultimately defeating the River City Rebels 02 11-3 in championship play. 

The Creeks Crushers are comprised of Lauren Bevis, Allison Bratek, Madison Bratek, Morgan Bruman, Kendall Ford, Kylie Hammonds, Hannah Harms, Aaliyah Monds, Maegan OBrien, Faith Sandiford, Mallorie Sykes, Erin Wagner, and Peyton Wolf.


#8 Northern Calvert Fury (Huntingtown, Maryland)

y1 logoTaking the No.8 spot this week are the girls of Norther Calvert Fury, out of Huntingtown, Maryland. The 21-3 World Series qualified squad picked up three 1st place finishes during the fall and most recently took home a 5th place finish earlier in the spring at the USSSA Kickoff Klassic. 

Northern Calvert Fury is comprised of Kelsey Culbert, Gabriella Decesaris, Mackenzie Detoto, Natalie Greever, Taylor Hastings, Chloe Hitt, Abigail Loveless, Savannah Macaulay, Alyssa Nuthall, Elizabeth Poissant, Jamie Roberts, Elisa Smith, and Tessa Thompson.



#7 Quad City Firebirds '02 (East Moline, Illinois)

quad city firebirds 02At 26-9 and World Series qualified, the always powerful Quad City Firebirds '02 picked up a 1st place finish last month at the NS Lightning Spring Swing, by going 6-0 in tournament play. The squad of heavy hitters showed off their power by producing 69 runs collectively. Defensively, the squad proved they were equally as strong, allowing just four runs against. The squad looks towards the spring and summer for more success in tournament play. This talented group shows no signs of letting up anytime soon. 

The Quad City Firebirds '02 squad is comprised of Kennadie Buysse, Madison Chase, Jaycie Cline, Madelaine Jacobs, Makayla Kerchner, Autumn Lage, Amber Lee, Sierra Marshall, McKenna Rebarcak, Madison Steines, and Tori Werkheiser.




#6 Carolina Mayhem (Benson, North Carolina)

y1 logo
At No.6 are the always powerful Caroline Mayhem who sit at 27-8 on the season with a 1123 power rating. The team has already picked up three 1st place finishes this spring, including their most recent win coming last month at Spring Break. The squad went 4-0 in tournament play, and shows no signs of slowing down. 

Carolina Mayhem is comprised of Laurie Blackwell, Kennedy Byrd, Sydney Hartgrove, Daniela Isastia, Morgan Johnson, Katie Mitchell, Tailyn Norman, Logan Sutton, Kait Tucker, and Kyndal Woodard. 




#5 Lady Bombers 02 (Clearwater, Florida) 

lady bombers 02 10u
At No.5 and halfway through this week's countdown to to top, is the Lady Bombers 02 out of Clearwater, Florida. The squad is an impressive 48-22 overall with four 1st place finishes this spring already, with their latest championship win coming last weekend at the Sarasota I Heart Mom Mothers Day tournament (5-0). During their performance, the team produced 53 runs offensively, while allowing just eight runs against defensively. The Lady bombers 02 are a very strong organization with high hopes heading into the summer.

Lady Bombers 02 squad is comprised of Jamie Beckman, Destiny Dehoyas, Giulia Desiderio, Peyton Hoffman, Gracye Julian, Jade King, Alissa Mankiewich, Marina Rao, Zoe Rodgers, Madison Spruill, and Sadie Weld.


#4 02 Bombs (Fuquay Varina, North Carolina)

02 bombsWith a 38-5 tournament record thus far on the 2012-2013 season, it's no wonder the 02 Bombs comes in at the No.4 spot. This team picked a very impressive five 1st place finishes during the fall, and have so far added an additional four 1st place finishes this spring. The team's most recent victory came last weekend at the Mothers Day at the Park tournament, in which the team went 3-0 in tournament play.

02 Bombs are comprised of Brittney Boyette, Desi Bullock, Haley Haislip, Claire Hooper, Erin Kennedy, Madison Mercer, Morgan nunnery, Ashley Pendergrass, Nikki Piatek, Michele Tarpey, and Caroline Williford.


#3 Wellington Wild '02 (Wellington, Florida)

wellington wild 02Clinching the No.3 spot this week are the girls of Wellington Wild '02 who sit at 52-11-3 overall. The World Series qualified team currently holds a 1101 power rating with four 1st place finishes in the fall, and three 1st place finishes this spring. The team took 2nd last weekend at Walk on the Wild Side Mothers Day tournament (3-1).

Wellington Wild '02 is comprised of Reagan Conley, Danielle Dallas, Kate Desimone, Hannah Dube, Rylee Hagan, Alexis Johnson, Katlyn Martinez, Morgan McNiell, Breanna Robine, Katelynn Robine, and Paige Rodriguez.



#2 River City Rebels 02 (Jacksonville, Florida)

Always a strong competitor and top-notch organization, the River City Rebels 02 are World Series qualified and sit at 54-4 overall with five 1st place finishes in the spring at three 1st place finishes during the Fall. The team most recently picked up a 2nd place finish at Roses for Mom (4-1). 

The River City Rebels 02 are comprised of Alyssa Grupp, Alissa Humphrey, Katelyn Kistler, Cara McCarthy, Morgan McMillian, Erin Moon, Kennedy Searcy, Jadriana Serrano, Lyndsey Smith, Lauren Stevens, and Dallas Watterson.




#1 SDM JT's (Des Moines, Iowa)

sdm jts 10uRanking No.1 this week, the always talented girls of the SDM JT's have earned the top spot in this week's rankings. The 51-8-2 World Series qualified squad picked up two 1st place finishes during the fall, and an addition five 1st place finishes this spring. The team's most recent victory came last weekend at the Warrior Classic (6-0), where the squad ultimately defeated Cedar Rapids Blue Devils 10U Royals 9-7 in championship play. SDM JT's show no sign of letting up or slowing down anytime soon.

The 2013 SDM JT's are comprised of Summer Bain, Jada Collins, Riley Cox, Grace Larkins, Sailor Laughlin, Alexxus Link, Ella McVey, Grace Reynolds, Brianna Rodriguez, Sidney Smith, and Natalea Statler.


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