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Take your own Y1ACT with the JAWKU Speed

Youth1 and Jawku are putting you to the test!


Now you can take your own Y1ACT and post your results to a Youth1 Player Profile using a JAWKU Speed.


The Y1ACT is the nation’s premiere athletic combine test for youth athletes where competitors not only receive metrics in key categories, but also have their scores stacked up against every athlete in the country.


“We’re very excited to offer this promotion with JAWKU,” said Laura Petrillo, Youth1 President. “This partnership will allow for athletes all over the country to take the Y1ACT, measure themselves against other athletes across the country, and get their skills noticed.”


Previously to take the Y1ACT, athletes had to attend where the Y1ACT was being offered, but now, using the JAWKU Speed, teams and individuals can test themselves and submit their scores electronically.


The JAWKU Speed is an affordable, state of the art wearable that measures sprint speed, agility, and reaction time. The wristband syncs wirelessly with an iOS device and records measurements in the easy-to-use JAWKU Speed App. And with a JAWKU you can test as much as you want. Mark your progress on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis and submit your scores to update your Youth1 Profile with your best marks. 


Athlete's best times will be uploaded onto the Y1ACT Leaderboard where the best performances in the country are ranked. Athletes with a JAWKU have the advantage of being able to make sure they get their optimum performance. If you slip, a gust of wind hits you, or you got a bad start, give it another shot and show the world your best. 


Enter the coupon code “Youth1” and get 20% off a JAWKU Speed today!


And keep an eye out for upcoming contests and promotions for JAWKU and the Y1ACT. 


Buy a JAWKU Speed at Jawku.com


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