2019 Super 32 Middleweight Preview | Youth1

2019 Super 32 Middleweight Preview

In our next install of the Super 32 Preview Series, we take a look at some of the top wrestlers who are set to compete in the middleweights of the Middle School brackets. 



Wrestlers to Watch:


Nikolaus O’Neill - PA 

Ethan Rivera - PA 

PJ Duke - NY 

Ryan Bennett - OH 

Joseph Sanderfer Jr - OH 


Notes: Leading the 95-pound bracket will be Super 32 silver medalist and Pennsylvania standout Nikolau O’Neill. Joining him will be Ethan Rivera from Pennsylvania, Elementary Super 32 Champion PJ Duke from New York and Ohio standouts Ryan Bennett and Joseph Sandefer Jr. 




Wrestlers to Watch:


Kollin Rath - PA 

Cooper Hornack - PA 

Matthew Dimen - RI 

Devon Magro - PA 

Matthew Luna - CA


Notes: Kollin Rath, who owns a Super 32 silver medalist, will look to win his first Super 32 Championship belt as he’ll compete in the 100-pound bracket this weekend. He’ll be joined by fifth place finisher Cooper Hornack, Elementary school silver medalist Matthew Dimen and Devon Magro from Pennsylvania and Matthew Luna from California. 




Wrestlers to Watch:


Alessio Perentin - NJ

August Hibler - NJ

Duncan Christensen - VA

Cash Raymond - MN

Brogan Tucker - OH


Notes: Alessio Perentin of New Jersey has had success in the Super 32 as he owns a fourth place finish in the Elementary division and took home a bronze medal in the Middle School bracket a year ago. He’ll be challenged by August Hibler of New Jersey, Elementary Super 32 champion Cash Raymond of Minnesota andDuncan Christensen of Virginia and Brogan Tucker of Ohio. 




Wrestlers to Watch:


Miguel Estrada Jr. - CA 

Bryce Luna - CA

Dominic Federici - PA 

William Henckel - CT 

Gunnar Myers - PA

Matthew Henrich - NJ 


Notes: The 112-pound bracket will be led by Willaim Henckel of Connecticut and Miguel Estrada Jr of California. Both have had success in the Super 32 in previous years and both should make a deep run in this year’s event. Challenging them will be California state champion Bryce Luna, Dominic Federici of Pennsylvania and Matthew Henrich of New Jersey. 




Wrestlers to Watch:


Nicholas Kunstek - PA

Aidan Squier - CT

Aeoden Sinclair - WI 

Robert Kucharczk - VA 


Notes: Nicholas Kunstek is a defending bronze medalist while Aidan Squier took home a fourth place finish. They will be joined by two wrestlers who have captured an Elementary silver medal in the past in Aeoden Sinclair of Wisconsin and Robert Kuscharczk of Virginia. 


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