Top performers from the softball Y1ACT in Chattanooga, TN | Youth1

Top performers from the softball Y1ACT in Chattanooga, TN

Tennessee was the latest stop on the Y1ACT tour, where the area's elite softball players took the challenge. The athletes competed in the 40 yard dash and 5-10-5 shuttle and vertical jump and we measured their ball exit speed, overhand throwing velocity and pitching velocity. Here are the top performers in each competition.

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40 yard dash

Kristen Gilbert - 5.263

Tate Davis - 5.332

Kennedy Coombs - 5.382

Maja Angie - 5.466

Morgan Goodrich - 5.466


5-10-5 Shuttle

Zoie Howard - 4.901

Morgan Brund - 4.709

Tiara Pearson - 4.818

Gracee Hess - 4.841

Anna Dressman - 4.859


Vertical Jump

Tate Davis - 23.6

Zoe Howard - 23.7

Jaclyn Liss - 22.4

Garcee Hess - 21.7

Tiara Pearson - 20.6


Pitching Velocity

Marlie Nagy - 60 mph

Jenna Samuel 59 mph

Skye Harrington 59 mph

Lisa Heller - 59 mph

Alex Wright - 58 mph


Overhand Velocity 

Emily Bickett - 68 mph

Katie Horne - 67 mph

Rylie Jeau Theriot - 63 mph

Dailynn Motes - 63 mph

Elise Boyd - 62 mph

Jacyln Liss - 62 mph


Ball Exit Speed

Kennedy Coombs - 76 mph

Katie Horne - 76 mph

Jenna Samuel - 74 mph

Anne Partridge - 73 mph

Kortni Rumble - 73 mph







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