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Measure Up at Level Up!

Calling all New Jersey athletes in all sports. If you think you've got skills, here's your chance to prove it!

The Y1ACT is coming to Cedar Knolls. The event will take place at Level Up Sports Performance & Training this Saturday from 9am-12pm. 


What is the Y1ACT?



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The Y1ACT is a nationally certified combine-like test modeled after those that professional athletes take that measures speed and strength.

The test is comprised of the following key performance metrics:

40-Yard Dash

3-Cone Drill

Broad Jump

Grip Strength

Medicine Ball Throw



Vertical Jump

These are the core metrics that evaluate overall athleticism in any sport. The Y1ACT comprehensive score indicates an athlete’s overall performance, how strong he is in specific areas, and also what to work on to improve their overall athleticism that translates to better performance in sports.

Identifying opportunity areas through the test will help guide an athlete's focus on training and goal setting to improve:

Future Y1ACT’s
Tryout performance
Game performance
Marketability to College Scouts and Recruiters

Athletes get a score for each drill and an overall Y1ACT score that will be calculated at the end of the test, indicating how you rate vs similar athletes in the nation. This is the number that you want to show off.

All test participants will receive a free 3-month Premium Profile on where their scores will be shown. The overall Y1ACT score reflects their percentile against all other athletes who have taken the test.

Any athlete that needs to get noticed, get exposure, and get better should consider taking the Y1ACT to see how they measure up.



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