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Training to be The Best: Sean Furze Jr.

(Youth1) - When Sean Furze, Jr. attended a cousin’s birthday party at an Uechi Ryu martial arts school, he thought he'd go have fun with other kids, get some exercise and learn something new.

He had no idea it would introduce him to what has become his passion in his life – training and competing in mixed martial arts such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, submission grappling and wrestling.  He started taking classes shortly after that birthday party and the rest is history.

Furze Jr., 9, has emerged as one of the most talented competitors in his age group in the Northeast, often competing – and winning – against others who weigh much more than the 60-pound fourth-grader.

He is dedicated and intense, driven to learn and succeed at the number of different martial arts styles he trains in. Furze Jr. currently trains with Best Way Brazilian Jiu JItsu (BJJ) and American Top Team Boston, Lauzon MMA, where he focuses on submission grappling and MMA and Brick Road Wrestling to focus on his wrestling skills.

He’s currently a yellow belt in BJJ, and is committed to obtaining his black belt while continuing to compete in tournaments throughout the northeast and eventually, around the United States and world.

“I am motivated by wanting to learn new things and pushing myself,” says Furze Jr., who is also a member of the CageHero Kids Team. “Martial Arts is important to me because I get to push myself and learn new techniques and the feeling I get from my teammates and training partners, it’s like a big family,” said Furze Jr. “I also like the exercise I get out of it.”

Furze Jr. has a full training schedule. On Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday he competes in wrestling and MMA. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday he trains in BJJ. He also participates in private lessons and has goals set high for the present and the future.

“I want to travel all over the world to compete and learn new skills and disciplines,” says Furze Jr. “I also want to open my own school and teach others the lessons I have been taught.”



By Matt Krumrie

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