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Part II: Email template to send to college coaches

The key to getting recruited is being proactive, and that means reaching out to college coaches to introduce yourself. Emailing college coaches is simple with Recruiting Wizard, the easy-to-use software that allows you to message college coaches directly, and in Part II of the Y1ACT Online Camp and...
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10 of the best training facilities in the South

The South is a hotbed for football at all levels. Here are ten of the top notch facilities making athletes better across the South.

10 great private football coaches in the Northeast

Ten private football coaches in the Northeast in no particular order.

Youth Football Safety: 25 Tips from Coaches, Trainers and Advocacy Groups

Youth Football Safety: 25 Tips from Coaches, Trainers and Advocacy Groups

Youth football concussion & safety awareness for 2017

Youth Football Concussion & Safety Awareness -2017 I am a fan, former player, youth advocate, and current Head Coach of an Elite Youth Football team that competes for a National...

Gear Up: A guide to proper fit and maintenance of football equipment

It’s important to remember the importance that good gear plays in the safety of youth athletes. Well-maintained equipment that fits goes a long way toward preventing injuries, and it’s up to each...

D-Line Essentials: Creating the culture, perfecting the stance, block destruction and pursuit to the ball

This article lays out the basics of the Defensive Line position which has become one of the most coveted and entertaining positions in football.

Top 5 defensive formations for youth football teams

Here are the five best defensive looks to give your team an edge at the youth level.

Top 10 Football formations youth teams can utilize to be successful

Some talented youth football teams use a number of offensive schemes to effectively move the ball down the field ranging from classic and resourceful downhill offenses to the more modern and...