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Soccer Rankings - January - Girls U14 #10-6



#10 Orchard Valley YSL CSCVS Heat 97G


We usher in our rankings with a team that captured two titles this fall, the No. 10 Orchard Valley YSL CSCVS Heat 97G. The Northern California club went 3-1, and beat La Roca Premier-SP 4-3 in the final to take the City of Las Vegas Mayor's Cup Tournament (G14 Telemundo) in October.

The Heat made an impression at the On Your Toes Hannah Welker Memorial 2011 (G15 Silver) event, sweeping four games against 15 and under competition to take that crown. The club also won two tournaments in August, the 2011 Magic Cup I Girls Summer Classic (G14 Premier) and the 2011 North vs. South Summer Classic (G14 Green).

Led by Troy Carson, the team consists of Marilyn Juarez, Sarah Jensen, Lauren Putney, Nicole Carson, Brook Zenner, Nicole Asbun, Hannah Turnlund, Miranda Jimenez, Agust Gomez, Jasmine Contreras, Brittany Cartee, Alyson Tyndall, Lindsay White, Aida Mora, Samantha Gonzalez and Denise Martinez-Limon.



#9 FC Dallas 98


While the Cowboys may be struggling these days on the gridiron, this Dallas team has nothing but a bright outlook - No. 9 FC Dallas 98. The squad won the 2011 North Texas State Cup (G13)

this May, going 5-0 with a 15-2 goal differential. They beat Liverpool FC America 98G Elite 2-0 in that tournament final to take the most prestigious prize in North Texas.

The team also recorded a recent 3-0 win over Challenge SC 98 ECNL in the Elite Clubs National League 2011/2012 (G14 Texas Conference).

Coached by Nikki Russell, the team consists of Victoria Brigdier, Justice Stanford, Jayden Wheeler, Kirsten Siragusa, Jada Holmes, Ravyn Hoelscher, Catlyn McMillan, Jaylin Finney, Haley Berg, Madison Lewis, Cyera Hintzen, Valiree Morris, Whitney Weideman, Addison McCain, Lakyn Pope, Ciara Donnelly and Jordan Hill.



#8 Legends FC


The first of two Southern Californian teams to make our rankings is the No. 8  Legends FC. The team has had a monster year, highlighted by its win at the So Cal Summer Showcase (G14 Premier) event. The club went 5-0 and outscored its opponents 10-1 to take that crown, including a 1-0 win in the final over LA Premier FC.

The team also finished first in two separate leagues this season, topping both the So Cal Developmental League (G14 Flight I) and the Far West Regional League Fall 2011 (G14 First Division North).

Coached by John King, the roster is comprised of Kassandra Aguilar, Savannah Sloniger, Veronica Smeltzer, Destiny Collins, Britain Chaputa, Jillian Olguin, Diane Eckstrom, Jessica Moreno, Natalia Elizarraras, Maria Lara, Taylor Romaine, Selin Lopez, Jacqueline Crowther, Michelle Palfrey, Adja Hudson-Faye, Kaitlyn Jones, Alyssa Padilla, Marissa Favela and Samantha Guzman.


#7 Santa Rosa United Freeze - Santa Rosa, CA

The Santa Rosa United Freeze are the defending California North State Cup 2011 (G13) champions and their continued dominance allows them to crack our list at No. 8. The Freeze swept six games and beat the No. 10 Orchard Valley YSL CSCVS Heat 97G 2-1 in the semifinals to take the State crown last spring.

The club just won the Juventus Coppa d'Oro 2011 (G14 Premier) event in December, sweeping four games with an impressive 15-0 goal differential for the tournament. In October, the team won the Placer United Prestige Cup (G14 Super) tournament, blowing through four more games. The team also finished first in the Fall Season - NorCal RAL 2011/2012 (G14 State Premier I) league.

Led by Trisha Ziemer, the team includes Maria Sosa-Alfaro, Taylor Ziemer, Mayaka Barton, Valerie Perez, Yvette Perez, Chloe Colbert, Isabelle Lilly, Samantha Zepponi, Madison Gonzalez, Brianne Parsons, Savannah Stoughton, Alison King, Amara Ortiz, Megan Moore, Bria VarnBuhler, Faith Deas, Brooke Dunbar, Sydney Rickert and Claire Howard.


#6 Arsenal FC - Alta Loma, CA


Arriving at No. 6 is one of the most dominant teams on our list, Arsenal FC of Alta Loma, California. The So Cal team are the defending Region IV Champions (G13), having pocketed that crown this summer with a 5-1-0 run during the tournament. Arsenal has continued to cruise since then, winning the West Coast Futbol Classic (G14 Flight 1) in August with five wins while allowing no goals and scoring 17 of its own.

The club also went 6-0 and outscored its opponents 15-7 to take the San Diego Surf Cup XXXI 2011 (G14) crown. The squad also won the Legends Classic 2011 (G13 Gold Flight) in June, beating No. 8 Legends FC 1-0 in the deciding match to take the title.

Guided by Noah Kooiman, the team consists of Carly Gamble, Julia Bingham, Courtney Gazmarian, Sarah Del Valle, Elizabeth Nunez, Danika Bowman, Amberleigh Garcia, Marissa Everett, Emily Lemus, Alyssa Carthan, Alonna Clark, Ayana Robles, Rola Badawiya, Cassidy Overstreet, Katelyn Carter, Leah Pruitt and Nicole Leggio.


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