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Soccer Rankings - December - Boys U13 - #5-1



#5 Beachside of Connecticut


Ushering in our top five is a club from the shores of the Constitution State, Beachside of Connecticut. The defending Region I Champions (B12 Championship) have had a spectacular 2011 and hope to continue that roll into the new year.

The team recently reached the semifinals of the MAPS Cup 2011 (B13 MAPS Cup) tournament, going 2-2. Beachside recorded a 5-1 win over the Stronghold SC Falcons at the event. The squad also captured the 2011 CJSA State Cup (B12 CJSA State Cup) this spring.

Led by Mark Alves, the team consists of Tyler Dalton, Benjamin Mines, George Kutrubis, Alex Carbonnier, Jon Paul Fernandez, Sawyer Kindel, Ben McNamara, Oscar Pereira, Julio Cesar Palencia, Dylan Middlebrook, Joe Pravder, William Trudeau, Thomas Nealon, James Roland, Ryan Ruff, Charlie Teeters and Alexander Hedegaard.



#4 Dallas Texans 99B South


Dirk Nowitzki and the NBA Champion Mavericks have nothing on our No. 3 team, as the Dallas Texans 99B South have already won two titles this fall. The Texans blitzed through the 2011 DTSC Fall Festival (B13 Red) tournament, going 5-0 while outscoring its opponents 12-3. The team beat the Dallas Texans 99 Boys 2-1 in the final to take that championship.

The Texans kicked off the fall by winning the Plano Labor Day Invitational XXXI (B13 Gold) tournament, sweeping six games with a 23-5 goal differential. The team capped off that run with a 3-1 victory over Barcelona SC 99 in the deciding contest. The club also took the Austin Texans Elite Invitational (B13 Elite) event in August.

Guided by Edgar Hernandez, the team is comprised of Luis Jimenez, Blake Willis, Samuel Morales, Abel Vasquez, Mathew Soza, Dominick Hernandez, Jonathan Macias, Edwin Bejarano, Dereck Garcia, Cooper Riley, Andrew Sandoval, Trent Daigneault, Daniel Rivera, Ethan Lemon, Ethan Martinez, Mario Pena, Elad Ninio and Jonathan Barahona.



#3 SDFC Rangers


The team making the biggest leap from last month's rankings are the SDFC Rangers, who went from No. 9 all the way up to No. 3. The team recently recorded a 3-1 win over the Stronghold SC Falcons to win the New Jersey State Cup 2012 (B13 Flight).

The Montclair, NJ squad also made a finals appearance at the MAPS Cup 2011 (B13 B MAPS Cup) tournament, going 2-1-1 at the event. The Rangers beat the Morris United STA Gunners 5-1 at that tournament.

Jersey's finest also won the YMS Columbus Cup (B13 Championship) event in October, winning three games with one draw, while outscoring its opponents 10-4. The team recently recorded a 3-1 win over the Stronghold SC Falcons at the New Jersey State Cup 2012 (B13 Flight).

Led by Kieran Patrick, the team includes Henry Kraham, Ethan Koehler, Samuel Givens, Benjamin Neyer, Max Maidenberg, Donald Nicol II, Ervin Gjeli, Mason Toye, Matthew Howlett, Charlie Williams, Nour Ellisy, Joel Bacha, Kevin O’Toole, Jared Mitchell-Brusco and Quinn Baity.


#2 United FC B98 Gold


The fourth of five teams from California to crack our top 10 is the No. 2 United FC B98 Gold from San Juan Capistrano. The team was recently crowned champions at the Nomads Thanks giving (B13) event. The squad notched a 4-0 win over Blues Youth SC B98 Blue in the final to claim that title.

The club won its own United Cup 2011 (B13 Superliga) tournament in August, winning all six games it played while outscoring its opponents 24-5. It also captured the Albion Cup National Soccer Showcase (B13) tournament in July, and reached the semifinals of the NHP Cup (B13 Flight 1) event.

Led by Bryan Wallace, the team includes Matt Reich, Daniel Ziv, Junior Jose Macias, Josh Canales, Marc Bermudez, Sampson Neiger, Charles Wehan, Hugo Espindola, Kevin Diaz, Kenneth Datt, Jonathan Bryant, Guillaume Marneau, Juan Sebastion Olivares, Chris Cuyuch, Kalani Cummins and Alfredo Cruz-Flores.


#1 Pateadores


With exactly half of our list containing teams from California, it's logical that the state's top team is also our No. 1, Rancho Santa Margarita's Pateadores. In October the club won all eight of its games in the So Cal Developmental League (B13 Flight 1 South) to place first. This run included a 2-1 victory over the No. 2 United FC B98, and a 1-0 win over the San Diego Surf SC 98-99.

Pateadores is the defending Region IV Champions (B12) as well as the winners of the California South State Cup (B12) this spring. The team also took the San Diego Surf Cup XXXI (B13) in July, sweeping six games with a 16-6 goal differential.

Coached by Mario Gonzalez, the team consists of Anthony Garduno, Daniel Aranda, Abraham Murillo, Isaac Romero, Lucas Ronai, Edward Gonzalez, Andrew Adame, Jhovany Tenorio, Jonick Pineda, Julian Anaya, Rodrigo San Roman, John Bibas, Felipe Sanchez, Ronaldo Fuentes and Santiago Galera.


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