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Softball National Rankings 12B-August 12th- #5-1




#5 Central Kentucky Batcats - Power Rating: 1408 


Central_KY_BatcatsBesides having the coolest name on our list, the No. 5 Central Kentucky Batcats were also a break or two away from winning the USSSA Road to Orlando Fastpitch World Series. The Batcats lost 2-1 in the final to our No. 1 Red Stick Softball 007s, and went 9-3 during the tournament, with all three losses coming to Red Stick. Kaci Currens won the Offensive Tournament MVP award for the event.


The Batcats were victorious at the USSSA Tennessee State Championships, sweeping five games and outscoring its opponents 30-1. The team also won the 16th Annual Grand Slam NIT, and finished with a 22-5 overall USSSA record (14-3 vs. class B).  They compiled 930 USSSA points and a 1408 power rating.


Managed by Brent Aldridge, the team includes Mia AldridgeBailey Curry, Ariel Dailey, Abby Goodlett, Katelyn Harrod, Courtney Gale Hawkins, Kylee Kearns, Allyson Moore, Tara Phillips, Sammy Rogers and Sydney Wright.





#4 Lehigh Valley Patriot Flames - Power Rating: 1428


LV_Patriot_Valley_Flames_LogoAt No.4 is a team that would make Billy Joel proud, Allentown, Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley Patriot Flames. The squad finished the season with a 26-2 overall USSSA record (26-1 vs. class B), a 1428 power rating and 400 USSSA points.


The club took the USSSA Spring Storm 2011 tournament with a 6-0 record, and a 59-6 run differential.  They also swept six more games to take the USSSA 2011 Memorial Day Classic, and won the USSSA B Spring Fling 1214 event.


Guided by Blake Morgan, the team includes Taylor Deutsch, Shauna Frank, Shannon Gallagher, Steph Herpel, Taylor Knappenberger, Mya Machinski, Chelsea Morgan, Jillian Muthard, Brooke Rogers, Erin Schmick, Kay Solderitch, Rachel Spanitz and Taylor Sweigart.




#3 AZ Wildfire 12U - Power Rating: 1444 


AZ_Wildfire_12U_Team_PhotoLanding at No.3 is a team that has frequently fought above its weight class this season against 14 and under opponents; the AZ Wildfire 12U. The Mesa team finished with a 30-18 overall USSSA record, but recorded a dazzling 18-1 mark vs. class B. It compiled a 1444 power rating with 505 USSSA points.


The Wildfire engulfed its opponents in the October Qualifier tournament, going 7-0 with a mammoth 101-17 run differential. The team also finished second at the Feliz Navida Qualifier tournament, and took third place at the 14 and under USSSA Classic event.


Managed by Matt Wiley, the team consists of Taylor Bartholomew, Jean Cothrun, Alexis Devers, Aubrie Durham, Tamera Froehlich, Ryann Holmes, Kylie Homes, Bailey Klitzke, Devynn Marshall, Krista Molina, Alexis Ratliff, Kylie Ridge, Savannah Shields, Tabitha Shupe, Kimberly Slaughter and Haley Vallejos.



#2 Cincy Shock - Power Rating 1476 


No one should be shocked to see our next team ranked so high to end the season, as the Cincy Shock take the No. 2 spot. The Williamsburg, Ohio team racked up a 37-8 overall USSSA record and a 1476 power rating.


The team, managed by Traus Fisher, won the Expressway Park Early Bird WSQ tournament with a 5-0 record and a 33-6 run differential. They also captured the Pre-Season WSQ tournament by sweeping four more games, and finished second at the Smokey Baker Memorial event.



#1 Red Stick Softball 007s - Power Rating: 1600


007Claiming our No. 1 spot is a team that deservedly rode a win in the USSSA Road to Orlando Fastpitch World Series all the way to the top of our final rankings, Red Stick Softball 007s from Prairieville, Louisiana. The 007s played with a Bond-like ruthlessness in the Series, winning nine games, with one draw, and clinching the title with the last of three Series victories over the No. 5 Central Kentucky Batcats. Mackenzie Andrews won the Tournament MVP award, and Kourtney Gremillion took home the Outstanding Pitcher honor for the event.


The 007s also swept four games to take State Preview tournament, and finished third at the  Louisiana State Championship. The team finished the year with 22-4 overall USSSA record (12-0 vs. class B), with a whopping 1600 power rating and 825 USSSA points.


Led by Anne Neilson, the roster consists of Abby Andermann, Mckenzie King, Katelyn McKenzie, Raeshaun Melancon, Toni Perrin, Callie Roddy, Taylor Tidwell, Taylor Trabeaux and Madison Watson.


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