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Softball National Rankings 12B-August 12th- #10-6




#10 Venice Vipers - Power Rating: 1373 


Venice_VipersWe begin our season-ending rankings with a team that sunk its teeth into the opposition all season long, the Venice Vipers 99. The Florida squad compiled a solid 19-16 overall USSSA


record (14-2 vs. class B competition), but its consistently strong play against older teams secured it our 10th spot. The team also had a power rating of 1373 with 415 USSSA points.


The Vipers went 5-0, and outscored their opponents 38-17, to take the 13 and under Lady Bombers Toys for Tots tournament. They also won the Meet Me in the Middle Memorial Day event.


Led by Chris Matthews, the team includes Caitlin Cristello, Sydney Fricke, Haley Hendricks, Karly Keating, Lacy Landers, Sandra Martin, Erika Martineau, Lindsey Matthews, Teresa Rosa and Kassi Sands.





#9 East Bay Impact- Power Rating: 1379


East_Bay_ImpactComing in at No. 9 are the California State Champions, the East Bay Impact. The San Lorenzo squad finished the year with a 20-5 overall USSSA record (13-1 vs. class B), with 835 USSSA points and a 1379 power rating.


The Impact went 6-1, with a 34-18 run differential, to capture the California State title. The squad also won the Last Chance Tournament and the Halloween Havoc 2010 event, sweeping a combined eight games.


Managed by Calvin Lewis, the roster consists of Gina Bonaroi, Yolanda Campos, Vanessa Delgadillo, Amanda Dwinell, Dyemond Dye, Kristina Galan, Danielle Hansell, Lili-Ann Laban, Lisette Loza, Brianna Morris, Katie Murdock, Alicia Perez and Angelica Trejo.




#8 T.T.A Softball - Power Rating: 1394 


TTA_Softball_12U_Team_PhotoArriving at No. 8 is a juggernaut from Odessa, Texas, T.T.A. Softball. The team won a trio of tournaments this season and finished with a 26-2 overall USSSA record (19-2 v.s class B), with a 1394 power rating and 975 USSSA points.


The team went an impressive 11-0, with a 99-40 run differential, to capture the Goliah 8GG tournament. It also won the NM/WTX State Championship with a 6-1 record, and the 2011 Summer Starter NIT.


Managed by Angel Martinez, the team consists of Madie Gutierrez, Alexis Juarez, Clarissa Martinez, Miranda Martinez, Courtney Monk, Brittany Munoz, Rosario Munoz, Emily Nunez, Kassie Sanchez and Sarah Welsh.



#7 South Jersey Maniacs 12U - Power Rating 1395 


South_Jersey_Maniacs_12U_Team_PhotoIt was quality, not quantity this season, for our No. 7 team, Maniacs 12U of Mullica, New Jersey. The team finished with a 16-1 overall USSSA record (16-1 vs. class B), with 205 USSSA points and a 1394 power rating.


The Maniacs swept six games, and outscored its opponents 52-8, to win the USSSA Spring Dazzle 2011 tournament. It also won the USSSA 2011 Summer Slammer tournament with another 6-0 record, and finished second at the USSSA 2010 October Fest event.


Led by Michelle Korte, the team includes Emily Brown, Julianna Catania, Kelsey Dewees, Carly Hattman, Kailyn Korsak, Katherine Korte, Brianna Lagroteria, Jena Lasewicz, Jessica Liepe, Monica Lugo, Mackenzie Mindish and Samantha Morton.



#6 West Depford Storm '99 - Power Rating: 1408


West_Deptford_Storm_12U_LogoOur second consecutive Jersey team to crack the rankings is the No. 6 West Deptford Storm 99. The club finished with a 21-10 overall USSSA record (12-1 vs class B), 190 USSSA points and a 1394 power rating.


The Storm finished second at the USSSA 2011 Summer Splash WSQ tournament, going 5-2. They also took third place at the USSSA 2011 May Madness event, going 4-1 with a 53-13 run differential. The team took third at the USSSA 2011 Fastpitch Frenzy tournament as well.


Led by Nicholas Fiorentino, the team includes Abby Cunningham, Krist Dimeo, Dominique Fiorentino, Shannon Gasparovic, Morgan Kitchin, Nicole Little, Danielle Long, Hannah Marshall, Marisa Naegele, Gabrielle Ochinegro, Hannah Ochinegro and Oliva Ochinegro.


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