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Softball National Rankings: August - 10B #5-1




#5 Colorado Invasion - Power Rating: 1304 



Kicking off our top five is a team with a perfect USSSA record, the Colorado Invasion. The club has compiled a 17-0 overall USSSA mark (10-0 vs. class B), with 225 USSSA points and a 1304 power rating.


The team swept through three tournaments this season, winning the May Madness tournament with six wins and a huge 71-10 run differential. It also took the Berthoud Blaze Invitational and Memorial Day Bash crowns, outscoring its opponents 117-25 combined at those two events.


Manager John Browdy leads a team that consists of Christaana Angelopulos, Gianna Browdy, Kaelee Burgess, Olivia Dampier, Jessica Espinoza, Jessica Hafey, Mikayla Marquez, Hailey Orr, Sydney Stewart, Arianna Valdez and Morgan Wills.



#4 NS Lightning Black - Power Rating: 1304


North_Scott_LightningOur No. 4 team left plenty of opponents thunderstruck this season, as the NS Lightning Black make our season-ending list. The Eldridge, Iowa team recorded a 12-6 overall USSSA record (10-0 vs. class B), with a 1304 power rating.


The squad, managed by Andrea Redmond, went 4-1, and outscored its opponents 61-26, to finish fifth at the City Of Eldridge Open. It also placed second at the 3rd Annual Heartland Frenzy tournament, and took third at the NS Lightning Fall Frenzy event.



#3 Jacksonville Storm 2001 - Power Rating: 1315 



The Jacksonville Storm 2001 used a solid performance at the USSSA Road to Orlando Fastpitch World Series to clinch our No. 3 spot. The team went 4-3 overall at the Series, and finished 13th. It lost 8-5 to eventual champion Orlando Aftershock 00, and fell 7-4 to our No. 5 class A team, the Deerfield Beach Sharks.


The Storm finished the year with a 37-15 overall USSSA record (28-3 vs. class B), with a 1315 power rating and 990 USSSA points. The team won the North Florida State Championship, and went 5-0, and outscored its opponents 60-2, to take the Father's Day Classic tournament. It also captured the Panthers March Into Spring tournament and the USSSA Fusion Winter Melt Down event.


Managed by Addison Davis, the team consists of Jaycee Brookshire, Bailey Cooley, Molly Crawford, Madisyn Davis, Caroline DePirro, Ella Dust, Hannah Foster, Taryn Freshwater, Bailey Goddard, Brooke Griffin, Jordan Hanly, Sierra Jevyak and Katelyn Kistler.


#2 Hawks 00 - Morris - Power Rating 1325 


Hawks_2000Our No. 2 team preyed on its competition this season, as the Hawks 00-Morris take our second spot. The Middletown, Ohio team finished the year with a perfect 16-0 overall USSSA record (11-0 vs. class B), 225 USSSA points and a 1325 power rating.


The club captured the Ohio State Southern Championship, going 5-0 with a 34-4 run differential. It also swept six games to take the Warm-Up @ The Creek tournament, and took first at the OFC Spring Blast event.


Guided by Doug Lenos, the team consists of Haley Adams, Bailey Bartley, Erin Gardner, Jenna Lovely, Kaitlyn Morris, Jenna O’Hair, Aubrie Paulson, Kirah Pringle, Shelby Raby, Katelyn Reynolds and Macenzie Zang.


#1 Quicksilver 2000 - Power Rating: 1325 



It takes a tough team to finish the season with our No. 1 spot and the Quiksilver 2000 from Sarasota, Florida are certainly that. The club only won one USSSA tournament this season, but its performance against older competition sealed its top ranking. The team finished the year with a 13-6 overall USSSA record (10-0 vs. class B), 230 USSSA points and a 1325 power rating.


The squad swept five games, and outscored its opponents 38-4, to win the Summer Storm Season Kickoff tournament. It finished second at the Sebring Bust Out the Bats event. It was also the runner-up at the 11 and under MMS Fall Kickoff tournament, going 4-2, and took third at the USSSA Spookfest, another 11 and under event.


Managed by Robyn Sadlo, the team includes Kendyl Brahler, Emily Campbell, Taryn Darley, Alexis Johns, Lindsey Richmond, Anna Sadlo, Claudia Sbaschink, Jordan Schmucker and Lauren Walker.


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