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Softball National Rankings: July 8th- 14A #10-6




#10 Tsunami - Power Rating: 1212 


Tsunami_97While harsh weather is normally dreaded in Florida, the Tsunami, from Jacksonville, are a welcome sight at number ten in our rankings. The squad has compiled a 26-3 overall record (17-3 vs. class A opponents), with 465 USSSA points and a 1212 power rating.

The club has won four tournaments, going a combined 21-1, to take the trophies at the Fall Rumble, the USSSA Fusion Winter Melt Down, the Panthers March into Spring (including an 11-2 win over Ladyhawks 97), and River City Shootout tournaments.

Managed by James Greek, the team includes Madisen Blair, Lindsey Devitt, Garland Evans, Leslie Farris, Aggie Greek, Emily Harvey, Jennifer Henderson, Morgan Podany, Taylor Rouse, Nikki Santiago, Timberly Steichen, and Taylor Wyatt.



#9 Ladyhawks '97 - Power Rating: 1213


Lady_Hawks_Team_LogoAnother team from the Sunshine State makes an appearance on the rankings, as the Ladyhawks 97 take the ninth spot. The Club, from Occoee, Florida, only has a 10-3 record, but still holds an impressive 1213 power rating with 130 USSSA points.

The Hawks won the Bombers May Day Challenge, going 6-1 with a 38-14 run differential and finished second to Tsunami at the Panthers March into Spring tournament, going 4-2.

Manager Melissa Silvas guides a team that consists of Ashleigh Acker, Rebekah Batson, Cassady Brewer, Jade Caraway, Courtney Cox, Kendall Funk, Madison Hynes, Analyse Petree, Linda Ross, Madison Ryan, and Alexis Silvas.




#8 97 Impact - Power Rating: 1218 


Georgia_Impact_97_Team_PhotoContinuing our Southern theme are the '97 Impact, from Gray, Georgia, who come in at number eight. The Impact has tallied a 1218 power rating to go along with a slew of tournament titles.

The club was crowned the 2011 14U USFA State Champions, as well as the 12U Hall of Fame Champions. The Impact went 9-1 to win the Children's Healthcare Fastpitch Classic in October.

Managed by the colorfully named Buster Bass, the team includes Arden Jobe, Bailey Crawford, Bria Bush, Stephanie Snyder, Jordan Deep, Shemiah Sanchez, Kylie Bass, Hanna Morris, Kelly Barnhill, Breanna Gutierrez, Remington Hasty, and Elizabeth Shively.



#7 Valley Stompers - Power Rating 1237 


Valley_Stompers_14U_Team_PhotoThis California team has lived up to its moniker this season, as the Valley Stompers have crushed anyone that gets in its way. The Danville team has built up an impressive 24-5 overall record (16-4 vs. class A), with 1425 USSSA points and a 1237 power rating.

The Stompers won the 16 and under Last Chance Tournament with a 5-0 record, outscoring its opponents 36-11. It finished second to the Eastbay Powerhouse at the California State Championship, but did win both the Luck of the Irish NIT and the 2011 State World Series Qualifier.

Guided by Robert Riccio, the roster is comprised of Emma Davitz, Jenelle Doolittle, Kelly Gong, Samantha Linford, Mackenzie Murphy, Sara Novell, Peyton Riccio, Riley Salvo, Gianna Scoma, Samantha Spain, Veronica Stone, Taylor Wickman, Kelsey Williams, and Alicia Yoshino.



#6 Xplosion - Power Rating: 1268 


Xplosion_LogoThis aptly named squad detonated its opponents this season, as the Xplosion, from Greensburgh, Pennsylvania, arrive at number three. The Xplosion has a 1268 power rating, with 585 USSSA points and a 18-2 overall record (10-1 vs. class A).

The Club dominated the Memorial Day USSSA Super NIT with a 7-1 record, and a 61-18 run differential. It also won the Shocking Qualifier tournament by sweeping its seven contests.

Managed by Robert Reeping, the team includes, Nicole Adisey, Carolyn Appleby, Alexus Fearer, Julie Fiedor, Kelsie Hendrick, Kellie Hutchinson, Leah Knizner, Mackanzie Mull, Shelby Noel, Amber Reeping, and Lauren Takitch.


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