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Soccer Rankings - December - Girls U13


#10 Santa Clara Sporting 98G Green


Starting off our rankings is an accomplished team from Northern California, the Santa Clara Sporting 98G Green. The Green won the US Club Regionals (G12 Super Group) in June, and have been rolling ever since. The squad beat Diablo FC 98 2-0 in that final to take the crown.

Recently, the team reached the semifinals of the 2011 Fall District II Cup (G13 Gold MVLA) going 2-2-0. Santa Clara also reached the semis of the 2011 Magic Cup 1 Girls Summer Classic (G13 Premier) tournament, notching a 3-0 win over Gryphons 98G White in the process.

Coached by Jovany Cisneros, the team includes Vanessa Zenere, Bala Nicole, Nicole Marquez, Catherine Fuell, Leslie Cisneros, Jasmine Loza, Yasmine Rabia, Kacie Beth, Juliana Detar, April Schindler, Lauren Avila, Fayrooz Neil, Jacqueline Carillo, Chelsea Herrera, Sophia Schnur, Isabella Bascara and Courtney Simmerok.



#9 Albertson 98 Fury


The pride of Long Island cracks our top 10 as the Albertson 98 Fury come in at No. 9. The Fury, from Levittown, New York, reached the finals of the Region I Championship (G12 Championship) this July, falling short to our No. 1 team PDA O'Reilly. The Fury has played well since then, reaching the semifinals of the FC Stars Cup 2011 (G13 Preimer) event, where it lost a tough 2-0 game to our top-ranked squad again.

Albertson recently made the semifinals of the National Elite Women's Soccer Showcase (G14 Elite Bracket) tournament against older competition, recording a 3-1 win over the Junior Pioneers along the way.

Led by Daniel Leon, the team consists of Sydney Kahn, Hayley Oliveira, Caitlin Cosme, Amanda Choy, Maia Cabrera, Danitza Leon, Sophia Leone, Melanie Navas, Keira Metzger, Hope Breslin, Francesa Venezia, Yamilee Eveillard, Kiarra Grimes, Rachel Florenz, Emily Honan, Katarina Heffron, Kristen McArdle, Catherine Gambino and Lauryn Shin.



#8 NJ Crush FC Charge


The home state of The Daily Show's Jon Stewart is represented for the first of two times on our rankings as the NJ Crush FC Charge have earned our No. 8 slot. The team recently made the finals of the New Jersey State Cup 2012 (G13 Flight), where it lost to our No. 1 PDA O'Reilly. The Charge, coached by Lee Glover, won the WAGS Tournament 2011 (G13 Cup Flight) in October to kick off the fall season. The club went 4-1-0 to capture that title, and beat the Sunrise Sting 98/99 1-0 in a tight final.

The team had a massive summer campaign, winning the US Club Regionals (G12) and New Jersey Cup 2011 (G12 Super Group) championships. It also took the 31st Annual JAGS Tournament (G12 Red) crown, sweeping four games while outscoring its opponents 8-1.



#7 Eagles SC White


Our No. 7 team has had a far more impressive campaign than its NFL counterpart, as the Eagles SC White make the list. The Camarillo, California team recently made the finals of the Surf Thanksgiving Tournament 2011 (G13 Gold), where it lost a brutal 1-0 final to our No. 5 San Diego Surf 98-99 White.

The Eagles made the semifinals of the Blues Cup 2011 (G13 Lime) event in September, and the West Coast Futbol Classic (G13 Flight 1) in August. The team did win the Eagles Summer Classic (G13 Gold) event this summer, sweeping four games with an impressive 22-0 goal differential.

Guided by Vince Thomas, the squad is comprised of Lauren Marcarelli, Grace Resnik, Laura Ishikawa, Samantha Fairweather, Karisma Carmichael, Tara McKeown, Brooke Wynalda, Mia Jordan, Arielle Dimalanta, Alea Hyatt, Kira Pickett, Azelina Fontenot, Samantha Walker, Courtney Worstell and Jordan Malone.


#6 Tophat 17 Gold


Up next is a juggernaut from the land of Coca-Cola, as Atlanta, Georgia's Tophat 17 Gold comes in at No. 6. Tophat made it to the finals of the Disney's Junior Soccer Showcase 2011 (G13 Showcase) event this Thanksgiving, going 4-1 at the tournament.

The squad captured two tournament crowns this spring, winning the Concorde Fire Challenge Cup (G13 Premier) tournament and the Adidas Cobb Classic 2011 (G12 Premier 11 v 11) event. The team also finished second in the Georgia Athena League (G14 Athena A) against older competitors.

Coached by Troy Garner, the team includes Lauren Burke, Landon Lambert, Jessica Haidet, Kara Henderson, Sydney Meador, Emma Kurtz, Lexi Orman, Lauren Chang, Elizabeth Mayfield, Caroline Orman, Sarah Elizabeth Matthews, Chloe Maize, Grace Nguyen, Kayla Bruster, Reece Weaver and Mollie Williams.


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