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Team Maryland 8th Graders March On After Shutting Out Hampton Roads

After a quick strike from a talented Hampton Roads team, the Maryland FBUNC football team rolled over their opponents, scoring seven unanswered touchdowns and winning 46-7.


Hampton Roads drew first blood on their initial play from scrimmage, with running back Dayvon Meade taking a handoff around the right end for a 61-yard touchdown run.

But Maryland's Jaiden Riddick responded quickly, returning the subsequent kickoff 83 yards for a touchdown.

It was all Maryland from there out.

Hampton Roads fumbled on their next drive and was recovered by Maryland's Jalen Green.

That turnover set up a 10 yard touchdown run by running back Keilan Robinson, who hurdled a linebacker to get into the end zone.

Robinson, who scored two touchdowns in the game, said he was happy with the win.

"It was a good effort from both teams," Robinson said. "We could have done better due to sloppy plays, but I'm ready for tomorrow."

Hampton Roads turned the ball over on downs their next possession, which resulted in another Robinson touchdown.

Another Maryland possession resulted in a 42 yard touchdown pass reception by Jalen Williams.


By the time the dust settled at halftime, it was 32-7 Maryland.

"They [Maryland] had a lot more speed than we thought they would," Hampton Roads head coach Frank Fernandez said. "They weren't as big as they were last year, but the speed really surprised us."

Fernandez told his team they gave Maryland "a taste of fear" with their first possession, but it ultimately wasn't enough to win the game.

"They were a better team, I'll admit it," Fernandez told his team after the game. "We're a better team technically, I think, but they were better tonight."

Maryland head coach Terrence Boyd said he was exited at the talent his players exhibited.

"A lot of these kids are together for the first time," Boyd said. "Today was making sure they understood the scheme, where to be on the field and formation. Sometimes when you have a team that comes together, there are a lot of superstars on their own team, they do more than they're supposed to."

One of the things that hurt Hampton Roads' offensive production was an injury to their star running back Meade, who rolled his ankle on a bungled punt attempt. Meade did not return until the end of the fourth quarter, and by then it was too late.

Hampton Roads quarterback John Ransom III said Meade's injury significantly impacted the offense.

"I'm disappointed," Ransom said of the loss.

But Fernandez said he wasn't discouraged. "I didn't see anybody let up," he said. "I think [this game] just tells them Hampton Roads is on the rise."

Maryland's victory will advance them to the FBUNC Atlantic bracket's championship game, where they will face Maryland Metro on Sunday.


Written by Youth1 Contributor Sam Hedenberg



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