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Soccer Rankings - Dec - Girls U13


#5 San Diego Surf 98-99 White


Riding a wave all the way to our No. 5 spot are the defending Southern California State Champions (G12), the San Diego Surf 98-99 White. The team had a huge win at the Surf Thanksgiving Tournament 2011 (G13 Gold), where it went 6-0 with a 14-2 goal differential and pocketed a victory over the No. 7 Eagles SC White in the final.

The Surf were a finalist at the Region IV Championship (G12) in June, where it lost 4-2 to our No. 3 Blitz FC Orange 99G. The team won the Legends Cup 2011 (G12 Gold Flight) tournament in the spring, going 4-1-0 over the course of the event.

Led by Chris Lemay, the roster is comprised of Ally Doyle, Corie Fletcher, Chloe Frisch, Natasha Williams, Savannah Madden, Emily Medrano, Bridget Sway, Lori Purcell, Ana Gil, Savannah Simo, Noelle Miller Haughton, Betsabe Ornelas, Ariana Robles, Lauren Hess, Jessica Lempe and Lauren Washington.



#4 De Anza Force FC 98G Blue


Reaching the rarefied air of our No. 4 spot is the De Anza Force FC 98G Blue, our fourth and final California team. The Cupertino club is the defending Northern California State Champions (G12 Red - State) and has already won two titles this fall.

The Force captured the Blues Cup 2011 (G13 Lime) title in September, going 6-0 and notching a win over the No. 7 Eagles SC White along the way. The team also won the Placer United Prestige Cup (G13 Super) event, going 3-1-0 to take that crown. In July the squad took the San Diego Surf Cup XXXI 2011 (G13) crown, beating the South Bay Force 98 3-0 in the final.

Guided by Andres Deza, the team includes Joelle Anderson, McKenna Angotti, Olivia Athens, Alex Augulis, Cassidy Ballard, Zoe Barrie, Tierna Davidson, Sophia Dertossian, Luca Deza, Shannon Earley, Zoe Enright, Alyssa Fagel, Kayla Fong, Helen Gordan, Georgia Kingman, Jenna Ohira, Jennifer Parker, Samantha Tran, Amanda Tuazon, Sophia Villalta and Danielle Wheeler.



#3 Blitz FC Orange 99G

The toast of Hawaii kicks off our top three as Blitz FC Orange 99G makes the rankings. The Blitz has had a banner year, starting off in April when they were crowned Hawaii State Champions (G12). The team then went on to a huge win at the Region IV Championship (G12) tournament, beating the No. 7 Eagles SC White 3-2 in a nail-biting final. The club also recorded a 4-2 win over the No. 5 San Diego Surf 98-99 White during the Region IV tournament.

The Blitz recently went 1-1-1 at the San Diego Surf Cup XXXI 2011 (G13) event, beating fifth-ranked San Diego 1-0 at that tournament.

Coached by Ric Ramos, the team consists of Taylor Strong, Klyee Kim-Bustillos, Jordan Hill, Gianni Meyers, Kacie-Lynn Viernes, Alyssa Yoshida, Lauryn Cabudol, Eden Kawabe, Brittney Maze, Shayla Padilla, Brooke Ramos, Bethany Nazareno, Jaelynn Chargulauf, Shay Nakahira, Taylor-Ann Marumoto, Jazmyn Peralta and Analisse Plunkett.


#2 Yardley Makefield Soccer Xplosion ‘98


Philadelphia may be home to the MLS's Union, but the No. 2 Yardley Makefield Soccer Xplosion '98 is making a name for itself as well. The Xplosion has won a plethora of titles this year and plan on repeating that feat in 2012.

The team had an impressive run at the 12th Annual FC DELCO Players Cup (G12 Championship) in May, sweeping all six of its games and outscoring its opponents by a 17-3 margin. The club also won the 2011EPIC Tournament (G12 Championship) that month, going 3-1 and beating the HMMS Eagle FC 98 United 2-0 in the final. The team, coached by John Greaves, also took the crown at the PDA Spring Kickoff 2011 (G12 Red) event in April, going 4-0 and beating our No. 1 team PDA O'Reilly 2-1 in the final.


#1 PDA O'Reilly


PDA O'Reilly is our No. 1 team for the second consecutive month and besides burnishing the soccer credentials of the state of New Jersey, the team seems to be getting better and better. Recently the squad notched a 3-0 win over the No. 8 NJ Crush FC Charge to claim the New Jersey State Cup 2012 (G13 Flight) crown.

The Zarephath club is already the defending Region I Champions (G12 Championship), and won the FC Stars Cup 2011 (G13 Premier) event in September, going 3-1-0 while outscoring its opposition 6-0 over the duration of the tournament. In August the club took Eclipse Select Challenge Cup (G13) title as well, beating the Cincinnati United Cup Crew Jrs. Gold 2-1 in that final.

Guided by Tom Anderson, the team consists of Amanda Cox, Carly Swetz, Kimberly Chavkin, Sarah Hazard, Brianne Urbanski, Alexa Ferreira, Luciana Zullo, Margaret Roughley, Kara Borden, Evangeline Soucie, Gabriella Provenzano, Mackenzie Mullins, Emily Holtz, Adrianna Kurlya and Alyssa Yarosz.


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