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Sleep and the Youth Athlete

  A short informative and animated video aimed at youth athletes, parents and coaches on the importance of sleep. Learn about what happens to an athlete when they do not sleep enough. 

Exercise & Fitness: Essential Drills to Boost Speed

As a young athlete—whether you are the fastest player on the field or trying to get better—now is the time to boost your speed. If you perfect your technique at a young age, you will have a solid...

Psychology: Allow Athletes to Thrive on Effort

One of the things I love most about my job as an instructional aid in elementary schools is the chance I get to observe kids at play. One morning one of the teachers decided to facilitate a silly...

Fitness: Best Exercises for Youth Athletes

In order to be successful, an athlete needs to maximize an array of skills: speed, strength, mobility (flexibility), power, agility and more. Therefore, it is essential that a training program be...

Nutrition: The Pre-Game Meal Could Win Championships

It’s about 4 hours before the game and I had a light lunch and I’m nervous about eating before the game but know I need to fuel my body in order to have energy. What should I eat?

Psychology: Youth Sports, It All Starts With Fun

This past week, Mr. Wallerson of the Wall Street Journal, wrote a very timely and interesting article on some of the reasons for the decline of youth sports. You can view the article here.

Nutrition: It All Starts With Good Choices

Sports Nutrition Principles for the High School Athlete In preparing for the upcoming sports season, athletes spend an invaluable amount of time on training specific to the sport in which they...

Psychology: Do You Possess Sports Parenting Self-Awareness?

Have you considered how you appear to your child if you look upset, disappointed, or angry at your child’s youth sport games? If not, it’s time you do. Being mindful of your own behavior and...