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Super-Healthy Smoothies

As parents we know the importance of a healthy breakfast but finding something that our kids actually enjoy and are able to prepare themselves is another story.  The below smoothie recipes are great first thing in the morning, post workout with additional protein or just as a midday snack.  The real benefit of theses drinks is that you are able to pack a whole lot of nutrition in one glass, and if need be, can be taken with them to school or a game.  These are some of the more popular recipe combinations but we encourage you to experiment with your own blends, you really can't go wrong nutrition wise, as long as you stick to fruits and veggies.  Have fun and enjoy!

Banana Ginger Smoothie

Soothe digestion, heartburn, nausea, and other stomach trouble with the fresh ginger in this natural remedy drink.01-banana-smoothie-TS-178834536


1 banana, sliced
¾ c (6 oz) vanilla yogurt
1 Tbsp honey
½ tsp freshly grated ginger

COMBINE the banana, yogurt, honey, and ginger. Blend until smooth.

NUTRITION (per serving) 157 cals, 1 g fat, 0.8 g sat fat, 57 mg sodium, 34 g carbs, 28 g sugars, 1.5 g fiber, 5 g protein

Orange Dream Creamsicle

Need to cool down after a tough workout or a hot day at the beach? Lap up this low-cal, citrus-infused drink.


1 navel orange, peeled 
¼ c fat-free half-and-half or fat-free yogurt
2 Tbsp frozen orange juice concentrate
¼ tsp vanilla extract
4 ice cubes

COMBINE the orange, half-and-half or yogurt, orange juice concentrate, vanilla, and ice cubes. Process until smooth.

NUTRITION (per serving) 160 cal, 3 g pro, 36 g carb, 3 g fiber, 28 g sugars, 1 g fat, 0.5 g sat fat, 60 mg sodium

Green Tea, Blueberry, and Banana03-green-tea-blueberry-banana-COMP-3034309

Antioxidant-rich green tea makes this smoothie a nutritional powerhouse.


3 Tbsp water
1 green tea bag
2 tsp honey
1½ c frozen blueberries
½ med banana
¾ c calcium fortified light vanilla soy milk

1. MICROWAVE water on high until steaming hot in a small bowl. Add tea bag and allow to brew 3 minutes. Remove tea bag. Stir honey into tea until it dissolves.
2. COMBINE berries, banana, and milk in a blender with ice crushing ability.
3. ADD tea to blender. Blend ingredients on ice crush or highest setting until smooth. (Some blenders may require additional water to process the mixture.) Pour smoothie into tall glass and serve

NUTRITION (per serving) 269 cals, 2.5 g fat, 0.2 g sat fat, 52 mg sodium, 63 g carbs, 38.5 g sugars, 8 g fiber, 3.5 g protein

Very Berry BreakfastPV0113 COVER SIX 01

Start your day off with a bang with this fruit-packed smoothie.


1 c frozen unsweetened raspberries
¾ c chilled unsweetened almond or rice milk
¼ c frozen pitted unsweetened cherries or raspberries
1½ Tbsp honey
2 tsp finely grated fresh ginger
1 tsp ground flaxseed
2 tsp fresh lemon juice

COMBINE all ingredients in blender, adding lemon juice to taste. Puree until smooth. Pour into 2 chilled glasses.

NUTRITION (per serving) 112 cals, 1.5 g fat, 0 g sat fat, 56 mg sodium, 25.5 g carbs, 20 g sugars, 3 g fiber, 1 g protein

World's Best Smoothie

Slurp down this smoothie at breakfast, and you'll feel satisfied until lunchtime. 


1 c plain nonfat yogurt
1 banana
½ c orange juice
6 frozen strawberries

COMBINE the yogurt, banana, juice, and strawberries for 20 seconds. Scrape down the sides and blend for an additional 15 seconds.

NUTRITION (per serving) 300 cal, 14 g pro, 63 g carb, 5 g fiber, 45 g sugars, 0.5 g fat, 0 g sat fat, 180 mg sodium

Pineapple Passion07-strawberry-kiwi-COMP-252449

This decadently thick drink can even satisfy your desire for ice cream!


1 c low-fat or light vanilla yogurt
6 ice cubes
1 c pineapple chunks

1. COMBINE the yogurt and ice cubes. Blend, pulsing as needed, until the ice is in large chunks.
2. ADD the pineapple and blend at "whip" speed until smooth.

NUTRITION (per serving) 283 cals, 3.5 g fat, 2 g sat fat, 167 mg sodium, 53.5 g carbs, 48 g sugars, 2 g fiber, 13 g protein

Strawberry-Kiwi Smoothie

Stay full and fight disease. This high-fiber drink becomes even healthier when you use organic kiwis, which contain higher levels of heart-healthy polyphenols and vitamin C.


1¼ c cold apple juice
1 ripe banana, sliced
1 kiwifruit, sliced
5 frozen strawberries
1½ tsp honey

COMBINE the juice, banana, kiwifruit, strawberries, and honey. Blend until smooth.

NUTRITION (per serving) 87 cals, 0.3 g fat, 0 g sat fat, 3.5 mg sodium, 22 g carbs, 16.5 g sugars, 1.5 g fiber, 0.5 g protein

Banana-Blueberry-Soy Smoothie09-tropical-papaya-COMP-1103153

Succulent, summer-ripe blueberries burst with flavor in this delicious drink. Skip the sugar or artificial sweetener for a healthier pick; the fruit makes it naturally sweet.


1¼ c light soy milk
½ c frozen loose-pack blueberries
½ frozen banana, sliced
2 tsp sugar or 2 packets artificial sweetener
1 tsp pure vanilla extract

COMBINE 1 cup of the milk, the blueberries, banana, sugar or sweetener, and vanilla extract. Blend for 20 to 30 seconds, or until smooth. Add up to ¼ cup more milk if a thinner smoothie is desired.

NUTRITION (per serving) 125 cals, 1.5 g fat, 0.1 g sat fat, 60 mg sodium, 25 g carbs, 11 g sugars, 2 g fiber, 3 g protein

Tropical Papaya Perfection

Thick like a milkshake, this coconut-infused smoothie transports you to a tropical island.


1 papaya, cut into chunks
1 c fat-free plain yogurt
½ c fresh pineapple chunks
½ c crushed ice
1 tsp coconut extract
1 tsp ground flaxseed

COMBINE the papaya, yogurt, pineapple, ice, coconut extract, and flaxseed. Process for about 30 seconds, or until smooth and frosty.

NUTRITION (per serving) 299 cals, 1.5 g fat, 0.1 g sat fat, 149 mg sodium, 64 g carbs, 44 g sugars, 7 g fiber, 13 g protein

Just Peachy10-peachy-COMP-1940322

Fat-free vanilla ice cream makes this dish sinful and slimming. Skip the spoonful of sugar for a healthier pick.


1 c 1% milk 
2 Tbsp low-fat vanilla yogurt
½ c frozen peaches
½ c strawberries
â…› tsp powdered ginger
2 tsp whey protein powder
3 ice cubes

1. BLEND together any liquid ingredients (milk, yogurt, juice, etc.) and protein powder; this will help break down the grainy powder and make sure it's evenly distributed.
2. ADD mushy ingredients, like precooked oatmeal and fruit, then add ice at the end. For a thicker shake, you can toss in more ice cubes; you'll add volume without the calories.

NUTRITION (per serving) 150 cals, 2 g fat, 1 g sat fat, 73 mg sodium, 26.5 g carbs, 24 g sugars, 2 g fiber, 9 g protein

Apricot-Mango Madness

Fresh lemon juice adds a tangy splash to this sweet smoothie.


6 apricots, peeled, pitted, and chopped (about 2 c)
2 ripe mangoes, 10 to 12 ounces each, peeled and chopped (about 2 c)
1 c reduced-fat milk or plain low-fat yogurt
4 tsp fresh lemon juice
¼ tsp vanilla extract
8 ice cubes
Lemon peel twists (garnish)

1. PLACE the apricots, mangoes, milk or yogurt, lemon juice, and vanilla extract in a blender. Process for 8 seconds. Add the ice cubes, and process 6 to 8 seconds longer, or until smooth.
2. POUR into tall glasses, garnish with lemon twists, if desired, and serve immediately.

NUTRITION (per serving) 252 cals, 3.5 g fat, 1.5 g sat fat, 57 mg sodium, 53 g carbs, 45.5 g sugars, 6 g fiber, 7 g protein

Watermelon Wonder12-watermelon-COMP-1940056

Transform a summer fruit favorite into a drinkable delight. Just remember to buy seedless watermelon or remove the seeds before you blend!


2 c chopped watermelon
¼ c fat-free milk
2 c ice

COMBINE the watermelon and milk, and blend for 15 seconds, or until smooth. Add the ice, and blend 20 seconds longer, or to your desired consistency. Add more ice, if needed, and blend for 10 seconds.

NUTRITION (per serving) 56 cals, 0.3 g fat, 0 g sat fat, 19.5 mg sodium, 13 g carbs, 11 g sugars, 0.5 g fiber, 2 g protein

Berry Good Workout Smoothie

Get the energy you need to power through your workout in minutes with this easy-to-make drink.


1½ c chopped strawberries
1 c blueberries
½ c raspberries
2 Tbsp honey
1 tsp fresh lemon juice
½ c ice cubes

BLEND all ingredients.

NUTRITION (per serving) 162.5 cals, 1 g fat, 0.1 g sat fat, 5 mg sodium, 41.5 g carbs, 32 g sugars, 6 g fiber, 2 g protein

Sunrise Smoothie14-sunrise-smoothie-COMP-1082280

Blend apricot and peach together, and your smoothie will looks like an early-morning sunrise.


1 banana
1 c apricot nectar, chilled
1 container (8 oz) low-fat peach yogurt
1 Tbsp frozen lemonade concentrate
½ c club soda, chilled

1. COMBINE the banana, apricot nectar, yogurt, and lemonade concentrate. Process for 30 seconds, or until smooth and creamy.
2. STIR in the club soda and serve immediately.

NUTRITION (per serving) 130 cals, 0.5 g fat, 0.5 g sat fat, 43.5 mg sodium, 29 g carbs, 16 g sugars, 1.5 g fiber, 2.5 g protein

Berry Vanilla Sensation

Fat-free vanilla yogurt sweetens this tangy fruit smoothie.


½ c frozen unsweetened raspberries
½ c frozen unsweetened strawberries
¾ c unsweetened pineapple juice
1 c (8 oz) fat-free vanilla yogurt

COMBINE the raspberries, strawberries, and pineapple juice. Add the yogurt. Blend until smooth.

NUTRITION (per serving) 192 cals, 0.5 g fat, 0.1 g sat fat, 86.5 mg sodium, 41 g carbs, 35 g sugars, 2.5 g fiber, 7 g protein

Tutti-Frutti Smoothie16-tutti-frutti-COMP-3186498

A splash of orange juice infuses summer citrus into this healthy and refreshing snack.


½ c loose-pack mixed frozen berries or strawberries
½ c canned crushed pineapple in juice
½ c plain yogurt
½ c sliced ripe banana
½ c orange juice

COMBINE the berries, pineapple (with juice), yogurt, banana, and orange juice in a food processor fitted with the metal blade, in a blender, or in a large measuring cup with an immersion blender. Process for about 2 minutes, or until smooth.

NUTRITION (per serving) 140 cals, 2.5 g fat, 1.5 g sat fat, 30 mg sodium, 29 g carbs, 16 g sugars, 2.5 g fiber, 3.5 g protein

LeeAnn's Luscious Smoothie

To eliminate processed sugar, this reader created a sweet, sugar-free smoothie.


1 c skim milk
1 c frozen, unsweetened strawberries
1 Tbsp cold-pressed organic flaxseed oil
1 Tbsp sunflower or pumpkin seeds (optional)

1. MIX milk and frozen strawberries in a blender for 1 minute.
2. TRANSFER to a glass and stir in the tablespoon of flaxseed oil, or serve with a tablespoon of sunflower or pumpkin seeds instead.

NUTRITION (per serving) 256 cals, 14 g fat, 1.5 g sat fat, 106 mg sodium, 26 g carbs, 19 g sugars, 3 g fiber, 9 g protein

Slim-Down Smoothie18-slim-down-smoothie-TS-174175127

Wonderfully thick and tasty, this drink easily substitutes for milkshakes and ice cream.


1 c frozen berries, such as blueberries, raspberries, or strawberries
½ c low-fat yogurt (any flavor)
½ c orange juice or other juice

PLACE the berries, yogurt, and orange juice in a blender and pulse for 30 seconds. Blend for 30 seconds, or until smooth.

NUTRITION (per serving) 185 cals, 2 g fat, 1 g sat fat, 90 mg sodium, 35 g carbs, 26 g sugars, 3.5 g fiber, 8 g protein

Soy Good Smoothie

Skipping breakfast can leave you starving mid-morning—and reaching for tempting junk food. Instead, sip this on-the-go soy smoothie.


1 c calcium-fortified vanilla soy milk
½ c frozen blueberries
½ c corn flakes cereal
1 frozen banana, sliced

COMBINE the milk, blueberries, cereal, and banana in a blender for 20 seconds. Scrape down the sides and blend for an additional 15 seconds.

NUTRITION (per serving) 350 cals, 3.5 g fat, 0.1 g sat fat, 192 mg sodium, 74 g carbs, 44 g sugars, 7 g fiber, 9 g protein

Mango Madness20-mango-madness-COMP-575865

Take advantage ripe mangoes disease-fighting ability with this delicious drink.


1 can (8 oz) juice-packed pineapple chunks
1 c fat-free frozen vanilla yogurt
1 lg ripe mango, peeled and chopped
1 ripe banana, sliced
Crushed or cracked ice

1. COMBINE the pineapple (with juice), frozen yogurt, mango, and banana. Blend until smooth.
2. WITH the blender running. gradually drop in enough ice to bring the level up to 4 cups. Blend until the ice is pureed.

NUTRITION (per serving) 251 cals, 0.5 g fat, 0.2 g sat fat, 68 mg sodium, 60 g carbs, 50 g sugars, 4 g fiber, 6.5 g protein

The Super GreenPV0113 FEA DETOX 05

Powerful detox action masquerades as another delicious shake from Prevention's Lori Powell (it's pictured here with the Berry Breakfast Smoothie.) The celery and parsley that contribute to its bright green color are diuretics that help rinse toxins from your system. Kale and mango are superfoods bursting with nutrition that support your cleanse.

Serves 2

PREP TIME: 15 minutes

TOTAL TIME: 15 minutes

1¼ cups chopped kale leaves (stems and tough rib removed), preferably Lacinato (also known as dinosaur)
1¼ cups frozen cubed mango
2 medium ribs celery, chopped
1 cup chilled fresh tangerine or orange juice
¼ cup chopped flat-leaf parsley
¼ cup chopped fresh mint

COMBINE all ingredients in blender.

PUREE until smooth.

POUR into 2 chilled glasses.

NUTRITION (per serving): 160 cal, 3 g protein, 39 g carbs, 5 g fiber, 0.5 g fat, 0 g sat fat, 56 mg sodium

Hale to the Kale
1 haletokale katrinevanyk

This batch batch comes from Katrine van Wyk, holistic health coach, nutrition coach, and yoga teacher. These powerful detox smoothies keep in the fridge for a day, so feel free to make several rounds at once, van Wyk says.

Serves 1-2

½ pear 
¼ avocado
½ cucumber
½ lemon
handful of cilantro
1 cup kale (packed)
½ inch ginger
½ cup coconut water
1 scoop protein powder (hemp, pumpkin or pea works great!) 
pure water

BLEND all ingredients.

Sweet Spirit

Don't fear its dark color and mossy smell: spirulina—a form of micro-algae—is a mega-healing detox agent.

Serves 1-2

½ banana
½ cup blueberries
¼ avocado
½ cup almond milk
1 tsp spirulina 
1 scoop vanilla protein powder (hemp, pumpkin or pea works great!)
pure water

BLEND all ingredients.

Alkalinity Bliss

A single teaspoon of chia seeds packs almost 2 grams of fiber!

Serves 1-2

½ pear
¼ avocado
1 packed cup spinach
¼ cup coconut water
1 cup almond milk
1 tsp chia seeds
1 scoop protein powder (hemp, pumpkin or pea works great!)
pure water

BLEND all ingredients.

Belly Soother4 bellysoother

Treat your tummy to a healthy dose of probiotics, found in tangy kefir.

Serves 1-2

1 cup papaya
1 cup coconut kefir, coconut yogurt or cultured coconut milk 
juice from ½ lime
1 tbsp raw honey

BLEND all ingredients.

Smooth Operator

This greenie features the crunchy root vegetable jicama, which is rife with vitamin C.

Serves 1-2

5 large Romaine lettuce leaves
½ Granny Smith apple 
¼ avocado
½ cucumber
½ cup jicama
handful of cilantro
1 whole lime
4 scoops of hemp protein
1 medjool date
pure water

BLEND all ingredients.

Morning Gloriousgreen-juice

These four recipes come from wellness activist Kris Carr's new book, Crazy Sexy Kitchen. "Cucumber is the perfect base since it yields lots of mild and refreshing juice and minerals, and it’s a fountain of alkalinity," Carr says.

Serves 2

1 large cucumber
A fistful of kale
A fistful of romaine
2 or 3 stalks celery
1 big broccoli stem
1 green apple, quartered
½ peeled lemon, quartered

WASH and prep all ingredients.

JUICE all ingredients.

Crazy Sexy Goddess

"The avocado, cucumber, greens, and coconut water will shower your cells in alkalinizing goodness," Carr says. "An alkaline inner environment helps your body’s systems operate optimally."

Serves 2

1 avocado*
1 banana
1 cup blueberries
1 cucumber
A fistful of kale or romaine or spinach
Coconut water (or purified water)
Stevia, to taste, and/or a sprinkle of cinnamon or some cacao (optional)

*If desired, use coconut meat, raw almond butter, or nut milk in place of avocado. You can also add superfoods like cacao (to taste) and/or 1 to 2 tablespoons of E3Live.

IN a high-speed blender, blend all ingredients until smooth.

Strawberry Fieldsstrawberry

Berries of shortcake fame are also great for a detox. "Strawberries are phytonutrient factories, supplying your body with a bounty of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutrients," Carr says.

Serves 2

3 cups cashew or nondairy milk of your choice
2 cups fresh strawberries
1 tablespoon lemon zest
1 small orange, peeled
1 banana
1½ cups loosely packed spinach

IN a high-speed blender, blend all ingredients until smooth.

The Sicilian

This hearty, spicy drink fills you up when your tummy is grumbling. "Celery’s fabulous phytochemical, phthalide, makes this veggie a heart helper," Carr says. "Phthalide relaxes the smooth muscles of the arteries, which helps to lower blood pressure."

6 carrots
3 large tomatoes
2 red bell peppers
4 cloves garlic
4 stalks celery
1 cup watercress
1 cup loosely packed spinach
1 red jalapeño, seeded (optional)

WASH and prep all ingredients.
JUICE all ingredients.


Aimee Follette, Executive Chef and owner of gluten-free, vegan, and raw restaurant Sun In Bloom, serves up the next three smoothies. This super-simple recipe boosts immunity.lemon-blueberry

Serves 1

1 cup alkaline water
¼ cup organic blueberries
1 organic lemon (whole).

BLEND all ingredients together in blender

Blueberry Ginger

This gluten-free smoothie is packed with antioxidants.

Serves 1
1 cup almond milk (or milk of choice)
¼ cup blueberries
1 frozen banana
3 Tbsp ginger juice

BLEND all ingredients together in blender.

Mint Apple Berry

Up next: five smoothies straight from the kitchen of Ashley Koff, RD and author of Mom Energy: A Simple Plan To Live Fully Charged. Guzzle this in the morning, and the protein will keep you full until lunch.

Serves 1-2

½ green apple
2 tablespoons of Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts

8 fresh mint leaves
3-4 leaves of organic green leaf lettuce 
¼ cup organic fresh or frozen berry blend 
8-12 oz pure water

BLEND all ingredients.

Green MachineGreenMachine

Barley grass, a nutrient-dense grain, can help soothe inflammation and pain.

Serves 1-2

1 green apple
1 teaspoon of Essential Living Foods barley grass juice powder
1 lemon
1 cucumber, peeled
 3-4 leaves of red leaf lettuce
¼  cup of organic fresh or frozen mango
8-12 oz pure water

BLEND all ingredients.

Liver Cleanser

For this flavorful, thick NutriBlast, Koff used theNutriBullet, a food extractor that delivers the perfect smoothie portion.

Serves 1

50% kale 
¼ cup parsley 
1 small beet (scrubbed and quartered) 
1 apple (core and seeds removed) 
1 lemon (peeled) 
½" chunk of fresh ginger 
1 Tbsp chia seeds 
Water to the max line

Warrior Tonic153948782-Banana-Smoothie

Claudia Colombo, esthetician, nutrition coach, yoga teacher, and founder of Fábula Skincare & Wellness in Manhattan, is a holistic skincare and wellness expert. She loves to start her day and workouts with this energizing smoothie. "Superfoods like maca, chia, cacao, and lucuma were all used as a basic survival ration by the Incas and Aztecs

 to sustain them before battle and on long journeys," she says.

Serves 1

1 cup almond milk
1-2 Tbsp maca powder
1 scoop of your favorite vanilla protein powder
2 Tbsp chia seeds
1 organic ripe banana
1 Tbsp coconut oil
1 Tbsp lucuma powder (natural sweetener)
1-2 Tbsp cacao nibs

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