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Soccer Rankings - August Top Ten U12 Boys #10-6


#10 Juventus SC Aztecs Premier


We start off our rankings, unsurprisingly, in California, with our No. 10 team, Juventus SC Aztecs Premier. The Aztecs won a pair of titles this season and racked up a number of second-place honors, enough to crack our list.

The team, coached by Noe Garcia, won the 2011 District II Spring Cup (B12 Gold - Morgan Hill) tournament with three wins and a draw. It also rolled through the Juventus Coppa d'Oro 2010 (B 12 Silver) tournament, winning all four of its games, and outscoring its opponents 16-1. The Redwood City team also went to the finals of the 13 and under Juventus Tournament of Champions (B13 Premier), and the US Club Regionals (B12 Premier).


#9 Banat SC 99B Gold


We make a trip to the desert of Arizona for our No. 9 team, Banat SC 99 B Gold. The squad lost a tight 2-1 game in the Region IV Championship (B12) semi-finals to our No. 1 Pateadores, illustrating how close the margins are throughout the rankings.

Banat did win the Arizona State Championship (B12 Gold), going 4-1, and outscoring its opponents 11-4. The team also took the Blackhawks Invitational 2011 (B12 Black) by sweeping all four of its games. The squad also won both the Pros Elite Thanksgiving Tournament (B12 - Elite), and the Banat Southwest Challenge (B12 Gold).

Coach Jesus Ruiz leads a team that includes Matthew Ortiz, Jurgen Renteria Franco, Deven Neiman, Phillip Denaro, Joseph Reyes, Christopher Coppola, Marcos Rodriguez Trujillo, Carlos Franco, Tanner Stearns, Adrian Argueta, Alexander Keaveny, Edwin Michel Hernandez, Joshua Velazquez, Nathan Lazcano, Dante Dario Reyes and Trevor Eldean.



#8 PA Classics Panthers Revolution


Our next team personified the savage nature of its namesake this season as the PA Classics Panthers Revolution come in at No. 8. The Lancaster team dominated the  Eastern Pennsylvania State Championship (B12 11v 11), winning all four of its games while scoring 15 goals and only allowing two.

The Panthers also won the 13 and under 2011 Ian Miller Celebration Tournament (B13), and swept through four more games to win the Keystone Cup (B12 Championship).

The team, coached by Mike Watt, is comprised Nicholas Bartkowiak, Joeseph Bhangdia, Brayden Coe, Austin Gilbertson, Brock Gould, Ethan Herstek, Christopher Le, Carter Luckenbaugh, Ryan Ludwick, Nathan Smithers, Matthew Sunderland, Stephen Thompson and Gavin Watt.



#7 Holmdel NJX Xtreme


This New Jersey team has galloped its way to our No. 7 slot, the Holmdel Stallions NJX Xtreme. The squad lost a tough 1-0, penalty shootout affair to No. 6 Beachside of Connecticut in the Region I Championship (B12 Championship) game.

The Stallions did, however, win the New Jersey State Championship (B12 Flight) to solidify a great season. The team also won the 2nd Annual Primo Cup (B12 championship) tournament, winning all four of its games, and outscoring its opponents 18-3. The team also took the title at the Spirit United Kickoff Classic (B12 Championship).

Holmdel's roster is made up of Hunter Pinho, Mason Remondelli, Matthew Thorsheim, Noah Powder, Andrew Aprahamian, Julian Stifano, Brandon Golden, Louis Reale, Ryan O' Connor, Andrew Cosman, Adrian Abeijon, Weston Maki,  Brendan Wall and Matthew Mawson.



#6 Beachside of Connecticut


The somewhat incongruously named Beachside of Connecticut are our No. 6 team.

The team won the Region I Championship (B12 Championship), with the aforementioned 1-0 (5-4 PK) win over Holmdel Stallions NJX Xtreme.

Beachside also placed first in the 2011 CJSA Spring Premier League (B12 Red) with a 5-0-1 record and outscored its opponents 19-5. It also won the Manhattan Soccer Club Kick-Off Classic (B12 Platinum) and the NEFC Preseason Tournament 2011.

Beachside is coached by Mark Alves and made up of Tyler Dalton, Benjamin Mines, George Kutrubis, Alex Carbonnier, Jon Paul Fernandez, Sawyer Kindel, Ben McNamara, Oscar Pereira, Julio Cesar Palencia, Dylan Middlebrook, Joe Pravder, William Trudeau, Thomas Nealon, James Roland, Ryan Ruff, Charlie Teeters and Alexander Hedegaard.


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