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North Jersey State Team Tryouts - Last call!
Nov 6, 2017
Lincoln Park Athletic Complex - Jersey City, New Jersey

Join the only North Jersey All Star Team - 5 years running! Be a part of this strong legacy and prepare to play at the highest level of competition available in Youth Football: Canton Classic HOFACC National Championship

When: Monday, November 6th - 6:30pm

Where: Lincoln Park Athletic Complex, Jersey City

Contact info: Coach Stan Dennis -






Road to the Canton Classic

The Regionals of the Canton Classic allowed some of the areas best talent to shine. These athletes will represent New Jersey on the national level in December.

2017 "Canton Classic" HOFACC National Championship

2017 “Canton Classic” HOFACC National Championships-By Marcus Cole The “Canton Classic” is building a true youth football National Championship and it started off with the finals being played in...