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The Truth About College Sports Scholarships

You may have heard more than a few parents talk to their children about their potential to achieve a sports scholarship. A father pulling his son aside to give him a pep talk that includes “pull this...

5 Books Every Athlete Should Read for Motivation

Sometimes all it takes is a good book to change your perspective. After reading it, you feel empowered, renewed, and motivated. Here are 5 books that every athlete should read for motivation:

How Do Youth Sports Help Improve Social Skills?

Playing sports is excellent for your child’s physical development. But did you know that beyond that, sports can play a crucial role in improving their social skills? Here’s why:

Dealing with Parents Who Think Their Child Can Do No Wrong

We’ll often hear parents say that their child is their everything, their world. It’s understandable for parents to feel this way about their kids and it’s also natural for them to want to protect...

Should you use social media for your youth sports league?

If you’re asking the question on if you should use social media for your youth sports league, that means you’re either new to social media, new to youth sports, or both.

TLC Sport Summit Helps Youth Sports Go Pro

Time Magazine’s September 4 cover story “How Kids Sports Became a $15B Industry” showed how fast youth sports has become dominated by private tournaments, leagues and clubs.  The cost of play is up,...

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