Denville Blue Angels All-Sports Y1ACT Combine | Youth1

Denville Blue Angels All-Sports Y1ACT Combine
Jun 9, 2019
Gardner Field Sports Complex - Denville, New Jersey

The Denville Blue Angels youth football association is partnering with Youth1 Sports to host the towns 1st annual "All Sports" athlete testing combine.  This event is open to all athletes, from all sports, both male and female in grades 4-8.  You must live in the town of Denville, NJ to sign up for this test.  Registration will start at 9am, followed by Parisi's Speed School putting the athletes through a dynamic warm-up.  The athletes will be then be put through 4 body metric tests along with 6 on field tests.  The tests picked are inclusive of all sports and they will measure Speed, Power, Agility and Reaction.  Athletes will then be able to compare their scores to other athletes throughout the country on Youth1's national youth leaderboard.  

Body Metrics:



Hand Size

Wing Span

Combine Tests:

Pro Agility (5-10-5)

40 Yard Dash

Broad Jump

Vertical Jump

Reactive Agility

10 Yard Sprint


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