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Varun Ajjarapu

Varun Ajjarapu

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  • Year
  • 2017
    Nationals MVP
  • 2017
    Berkeley Prep MVP


School Name HS Graduation GPA
Berkeley Preparatory School 2020 4.0

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Goals and about me

My Dream Goal
My Dream Goal would be to play at the Division 1 level for basketball. I always wanted to compete against the best players and I feel that playing at the Division 1 level would help me achieve this goal.
My Individual Season Goal
My Individual Season goal would be to average a double double this year (In points and assists). This would help me make a huge impact to the team and help us win games.
About me
Hello My name is Varun Ajjarapu I am a Sophomore an attend Berkeley Prep in Tampa Florida. I am a very hard worker and have a great work ethic. Many coaches tell me that I am very coachable and that I have a high basketball IQ. I am a great playmaker and know when to shoot and when to pass. I have a great 3 point shot, floater and can handle the ball very well. I love to play defense and always am active on the defensive end looking for steals. I have a 4.0 and am a very good student in the cLassroom. I am a great leader both on and off the court. I also play the drums, love to partake in public speaking, and have my own charity organization ShootingForShoes ( I hope to one day play at the Division 1 level to compete against some of the best competition in the country.
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