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Joseph Grady Wright V

Joseph Grady Wright V

  • Niceville, FL
  • 2001
  • 6' 3''
  • 170
  • 2019
  • Basketball
  • Shooting Guard
  • 241 Profile Views
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  • Year
  • 2017
    First Team All-Europe
  • 2017
    First Team All-Region
  • 2018
    First Team All-Region


School Name HS Graduation GPA
Rocky Bayou Knights 2019 3.9

Goals and about me

My Dream Goal
No dream goal added yet
My Individual Season Goal
I want to be a lead my team to a district championship.
About me
I am willing to put in the work, and I won’t nothing more than to win and have fun doing it. I have a positive calm attitude and I am passionate, but I am a controlled player. I know what it takes to be a good leader and follower. I play for a bigger purpose.
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