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The gold standard of combine testing

What is the Y1ACT?

The only standardized combine test to prepare athletes for the next level

3-cone drill
Electronic timing gates give you a precise measurement of your speed and agility.
40-yard dash
Full electronic timing measures your speed like an NFL draft prospect.
Broad jump
Measures an athlete's lower body explosion and balance.
5-10-5 Shuttle
The ultimate measurement of an athletes quickness. Run a lateral distances of 5, 10, and 5 yards, reversing direction after each.
Vertical jump
An electronic system gives you every inch you earn.
Power Index
The cumulative measurement of athleticism assessing your raw power.

Why choose us?

We are the leader in youth sports, serving as a credible resource to coaches, parents and athletes for 10 years!
We offer "Best-in-Class" Testing with fully automated laser testing and hands off data capture
We provide credible results that are certified to be accurate and promote your scores on your Player Profile on our national platform
We compare your scores to thousands of other athletes so you really know how you compare to your competition

Improve your skills

From our years in the industry we have learned first hand that skills testing is a necessity to prepare athletes for the recruitment process and the next level of play. To play D1 or get noticed at the HS and middle school levels, athletes need to impress in the key measurements we test. That's why we say you need to Measure Up. The Y1ACT is your starting point, progress report, and calling card for your athleticism.


Youth1 Premium Profile FREE Two Weeks Trial

Once you have your initial score you need a way to track results and share it. A Youth1 Premium Profile means your scores are shared nationally with coaches and recruiters, and on the Youth1 Y1ACT HEROFUEL Leaderboard. Your Youth1 Premium Profile allows you to post video, pictures, awards, and track your progress.


Get a report

Get a report on your score and a Power Index Rating. We take your speed, power, jump, and quickness metrics and apply to our algorithm combining your weight and height to establish a Power Index Rating.

Test now and watch it grow!

When: Saturday November 04, 2017
Where: Level Up Sports Performance & Training
Cedar Knolls, New Jersey

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