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Youth1 Football Rankings - Freshman 450 Watchlist Class of 2019

The immense football talent across the country cannot be overstated; from all states and locations there are players training hard to become the best football player possible. The jaw-dropping ability that we see in many, which translates to being able to play football at the next level isn’t always evident early in all athletes. Perhaps the size or speed just isn’t quite there yet...but that doesn’t mean that these talented kids can’t compete at the High School level or won’t develop into an elite college player. This is where the Freshman450 Watch List comes in.
The Freshman450 Watch List, selected by Youth1’s National Scouting Director Ryan Oliver, is comprised of several hundred athletes who have displayed elite talent. The Watch List is a springboard for athletes who most certainly belong in the upper echelon of football players in the country, but are just a step below the top 450 athletes at this point in time. With that said, neither list should be seen as a destination. It’s only the beginning.


Michael Greason


Bloomfield Hills,





Pierce Quick






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