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UP17 Baseball Instruction
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What should you do when you're on deck?

Have you ever watched your favorite MLB player’s routine when he’s on deck? Next time you turn on a game, pay attention to what different players do to get ready for their at bats in the on deck...

What the experts say you can learn from watching baseball on TV

If you’re anything like us, then the game is always on in your house.  While watching baseball earlier this year, we started thinking about what you can learn from watching the game on TV. Without a...

How aggressive should a hitter be?

A lot of parents and players ask this question, and it’s a very good one. Often, young hitters either swing at everything, or are too patient to the point where they are taking too many very hittable...

Mastering the fundamentals of pitching: Balance point checklist

In today’s game, velocity and strikeouts are discussed all the time. I believe, however, that the basic fundamentals of pitching mechanics, specifically the balance point, are much more important to...

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