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McCombs Ja’Darius

McCombs Ja’Darius

  • Hickory , NC
  • 2008
  • 5' 8''
  • 145
  • 2026
  • 30 Profile Views
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  • Year
  • 2018
    Showtime elite showcase
  • 2019
    Showtime elite showcase
  • 2021
    Showtime elite showcase
  • 3x defensive mvp
  • Player of the year 1x
  • 3x national champion
  • 1x national runner up
  • 3x state champion
  • 1x 7 on 7 champion
  • 7 rings,(3 all star,1 state,2 national,1 OTB showcase)
  • 2x first place medalist (wrestling) fastest pin(6.0) seconds
  • 1x second place medalist(wrestling) fastest pin(8.4) seconds
  • 9x trophy owner
  • Player of the year 3x( most tds scored in a game 10x)(4)


School Name HS Graduation GPA
Mooresville highschool 2026 3.5

College of Interest

Goals and about me

My Dream Goal
Make it to the nfl, and play for the Carolina panthers, break every RB record held by any RB in history, and be present on the field starting at the grandest stage of them all making the game sealing play in the super bowl. So I can be nominated in the HOF, and over a 10+ season career
My Individual Season Goal
To lead the my team in all stats possible, to make all A+ grades my freshman,sophomore,junior,and senior year in highschool.i am reaching for the goal to be the baddest of them all on the field, and in the nation at the RB or LB position. My goal is to grab everyone’s attention even the haters,doubters,and fans, and coaches to show them who they’re actually dealing with on and off the field.
About me
I,Ja’Darius McCombs is one of the most athletic,mind reading,and fierce sports competitors ever in football,wrestling,and basketball. I bring the energy to the table, the leadership,and pride. I have a win or win attitude, get my school work done grades our always above average, shows respect towards opponents. I am the brains of the offense and defensive side of the ball, i am hybrid RB, with vision that can lead a horse to water, great power,a mean stiff arm,capped off with a nasty spin move,and excellent footwork. A MLB who can read the field on both sides, call out plays before they even happen,and position guys where they’re supposed to be, as well as a stifling run defense,a animal to the ball,a perfect lurker,and all around ballhawk. At the Safety position is able to come up and make hard Nosed plays,and read the field as if it were the back of my hand, play my zone very well ,very great at turning my hips and breaking on the ball. At the Wr position i have the ability to make the game winning play, with excellent route running, shifty footwork,a competitor for the ball, and a high flying effort and hands I am probably if NOT THE BEST top 10 athlete that will come out of the 2026 class at any position possible and that’s not a prediction ITS A SPOILER!!!!
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