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Joshua Cooper

Joshua Cooper

  • glastonbury, CT
  • 2005
  • 5' 11''
  • 145
  • 2023
  • Lacrosse
  • Defense
  • 95 Profile Views
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  • Year
  • 2019
    ran varasty for CRAL region meet and got 15 for the region with a time of 21 mins and 14 seconds
  • 2019
    CT premier lacrosse camp
  • 2019
    captain of team and defence for glastonbury lacrosse club
  • 2018
    coaches awrd
  • 2018
    runner in the CT all state middle school boys XC race
  • 2017
    37th place in the CT middle school boys b race east ride of the river
  • 2017
    captain of meriden united youth lacrosse juniors and captain of defence
  • 2016
    presidential award for educational improvement in elementary


School Name HS Graduation GPA
CREC Civic Leadership High School 2023 2.83

College of Interest

Goals and about me

My Dream Goal
to be on a varasty level team for college doing well on academics in social work or psychology .
My Individual Season Goal
My goal for the season is to get better at my stick skills and learn more about LSM and become a better at playing it,
About me
hello coaches, My name is Joshua Cooper, and Thank You for looking at my Profile. Im a 6 year lacrosse player and played for 2 lacrosse youth leagues, 1 travel/ tournament team and a sign up team to play in the Nutmeg state clubs. i also run cross country as a sport to keep in great shape for snowboarding season as i race for usasa (united states of america freeski and snowboarding association) and then to keep in shape for lacrosse season. i'm also a violinist and a violin soloist at my current school. i also run a orchestral string quartet ensemble and we raise money for charities and camps like for example a camp that i volunteer at for the disabled, i'm also a representative for my grade and for the region of cral (capitol region athletic league). with me being a representative and a running a quartet ensemble im a leader, which brought me to my high school, The CREC Civic Leadership High School. this school is a school where we become the leaders of tomorrow and learn skills like how to be a firefighter ( we have our own firetruck and the only one in the country to as a high school), learn some basic FEMA protocols, and more. In my high school we run a semester based schedule, also known as a blocked schedule, this means a year course for example algebra I, this would be a sesmaster course and a semester course is a quarter course, and right now i'm taking spanish with upper classmen due to me taking it in my middle school years. Also i decided to apply and go to this school is because i wanted to become a social worker, I wanted to become one because of my past as i had trauma in my life and i wanted to become a person that can help kids, teens, adults and more because I know what its like to not have someone to talk to. As i started learning skills for this major i volunteer at a camp called the John J Nerden Regional Training Center INC. In Middlefield, CT. This camp is a summer were kids at the preschool level all the way to 70 year olds. i work with the hardest and largest group at camp which is called F-group, this group is all boys and girls in middle school and high school, this group is the hardest because our group only has about 4 volunteers and 2 consulours and we have almost 40 campers in this group. While in this group i've learned that i needed to be on my feet all the time, listening all around, and looking and making sure all my campers are with me. I also am a coach and volunteer for special olympics Glastonbury, i've been volunteering for special olympics CT since 6th grade and when I go on into college im still gonna volunteer and help these kids have fun because my twin brother has down syndrome. When you have a brother with down syndrome it forces you to become over protective about your family and friends. I'm also the youngest in my family so i " grew up " and "became" the older brother. i hope you really consider me as person that will be a good fit for your team and college, and thank you for taking the time to read my statement. Sincerely, Joshua Ian, Cooper
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