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Emanuel Dacunha

Emanuel Dacunha

  • Amherst, NY
  • 2008
  • 5' 2''
  • 110
  • 2026
  • Sweet home panthers
  • Football
  • Cornerback
    Wide Receiver
  • 233 Profile Views
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School Name HS Graduation GPA
Sweethome panthers 2026 3.3

College of Interest

Goals and about me

My Dream Goal
I personally want to make it D1 be good there. Make it to the NFL and be Amazing in the NFL. never stop grinding and working hard. Never satisfied with my self. and commit to a college this all apart of plan
My Individual Season Goal
My goal this season is 3 or 4 touchdowns . Have 15 receptions this season and to give 110 percent and separate myself from others every season .
About me
I am a very hard worker but what sets me apart from others I train no matter what i try my best to be a leader. I am a team player and also I am willing work on my mistakes I'm not afraid of the grind and don't care about the haters and i will only prove anything to myself , God and my evaluators. my attributes are i am fast i have hands and don't give upon a ball im a amazing route runner and iq when it comes to releases i am an all around wide receiver . I am also WR1
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