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Donavin Butts

Donavin Butts

  • Rex , GA
  • 2002
  • 6' 2''
  • 165
  • 2022
  • Woodland High School 9th Grade Basketball
    Woodland High School Varsity Track & Field
    Atlanta Playmakers Elite Varsity AAU Basketball
  • Basketball
  • Power Forward
  • 452 Profile Views
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Articles About Me


  • Year
  • 2016
    Dr.J Dream Team Player Award
  • 2016
    Prime Time Sports MVP & 1st Place Team Award
  • 2017
    1st Place 400 meter Award
  • 2018
    1st Place 4x100 meter Relay
  • 2018
    1st Place 4x400 meter Relay
  • 2018
    Coaches Award Basketball
  • 2018
    Coaches Award Track & Field
  • 2019
    Defensive Player of the Year - Basketball
  • 2019
    Academic/4.0 or above gpa - Track & Field
  • 2019
    Varsity Letter - Track & Field


School Name HS Graduation GPA
Stockbridge Middle School 2022 4.0
Woodland High School 2022 4.0
Eagle's Landing High School 2022 4.25

College of Interest

Goals and about me

My Dream Goal
In some years I see myself as an NCAA division I athlete either playing basketball or running track. Breaking all types of records, standards, and barriers there is, I want to be the record holder that no one can break my record. I want to make a great impact on the school with my academics and athletics. I've always been the one to excel in my school work by being hard working, motivated, passionate, and everything else to keep me going in my work. I always work really hard in both my sports so that I can be the best at the them. I had to take an extended break from them, but I've taken the time off to get better and work on my craft so that next year can be a breakout year for me. Praying that a multitude of colleges gets to see me and pick me up. Keeping all that in mind, my college years will be phenomenal and thriving to make new records, a greater difference, and everything you can think of.
My Individual Season Goal
For this upcoming basketball season: By being or becoming a starter I'm looking at 10 or more ppg, 8 or more rpg, 4 or more spg, 4 apg, and etc. Also working to be more consistent in my shoot and playing each game. This will help the team and I to get a state championship! For this upcoming track season: I'm planning to pr's in each event and break records at my school. I'm planning to be in the 10's for the 100, 22's or 23's for the 200, 54's or 53's for the 400, and helping my team get low numbers in the 4x100 and 4x400. This year I'm also planning to add some new events to my file. Lastly, praying to go to state with all or some of my events and getting first place!
About me
What sets me apart from others is that I don't curse, smoke, drink, do drugs, or none of that stuff. My mother taught me at an early age that yes being good at sports is great, but having a great education is the main thing. That's why I strive to do great in my academics no matter what's going on around me. Yes I do plan on going to college for sports but I'm also going all four years to get an degree. Some interests of mines is that I absolutely love music, I listen to it every day. I like going on runs to get some fresh air and to clear my mind. One weird thing is that I love to keep things organized, I simply can not work in a dirty space. I actually have quite a few talents; I'm artist, I love to draw different things depending on how I'm feeling. I customize clothes: like bleaching, tie dying, re-creating, and everything else. Lastly, I customize phone cases as well, like making them look different then a basic cell phone case.
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