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Damion Brown

Damion Brown

  • Jonesboro , AR
  • 2001
  • 6' 2''
  • 175
  • 2020
  • Track
  • 286 Profile Views
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School Name HS Graduation GPA
Annie camp junior high 2020 3.5

College of Interest

Goals and about me

My Dream Goal
My dream goal is to run cross country and track for a college that has a good track program. And to be and athletic trainer. And to help kids with track.
My Individual Season Goal
My individual season goal is the beat what I had the last time I did some. And to try my every hardest in every this I do.
About me
My name is Damon Brown I am 16 years old. I love to run help people out with anything. I am very outgoing, respectful, and a loving person. And love running and watching videos on how to train to be a good runner.
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