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Chozen Owens

Chozen Owens

  • Brunswick , GA
  • 2008
  • 6' 1''
  • 215
  • 2027
  • Football
  • Defensive End
    Tight End
  • 46 Profile Views
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  • Year
  • 2023
    Invite: to the E100 VTO sports


School Name HS Graduation GPA
Brunswick High school 2027 3.5

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About me
To Begin, my collegiate goals and aspirations are about becoming the best I can be, and improving more in my education, and improving more in being an excellent athlete and being able to improve and reach to the next level in life and my sports career. But, one of my aspirations in life and my career is being able to prove to everyone who doubted me that I'm more than just a regular school athlete. That I'm something special and someone who made something out of nothing with just believing in myself and trusting the process. Another one of my aspirations is being able to hear my parents say they are very proud of me and making my mother and father dreams come true by seeing me improve to the next level in my career. What makes me the best candidate for your team is that I love the sport from the bottom of my heart, and I love to inspire and help students and athletes improve and make better decisions in life and in their career, and also improve in their positions. I also am a great candidate because I can improve and make something out of nothing, and because I’m a great friend, coach, athlete, student, and even offspring. For example, If my friend or teammate is struggling I don’t just sit there and let them struggle I go over and help them and help correct them, teach them and do whatever I can to help and make sure they are okay and don’t have to do it by themselves. That is also what makes me different from other athletes and recruits. So until then I'll continue the journey of becoming the best I can be and making my parents proud.
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