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Shawn Brooks

Shawn Brooks

  • Philadelphia, PA
  • 2008
  • 5' 4''
  • 106
  • 2026
  • Football
  • Quarterback
  • 53 Profile Views
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College of Interest

Goals and about me

My Dream Goal
I want to be a varsity starter with D1 offers.
My Individual Season Goal
I want to be able to prove to everyone how size does not matter, but the athlete inside of them.
About me
I am an athlete who has been playing sports ever since I was 4. I played soccer my whole life, until I gained interest in playing football. I have been watching the sport of football my whole life, but never was able to play because of my size. I joined flag football in 2019 and finished my first season at wide receiver/running back. In my second flag season I got moved to quarterback, and I was able to lead my team to an undefeated championship season. After that season ended, I knew football was the sport for me. I loved the sport so much, I was able to convince my parents to let me play. In my practices I noticed I was definitely the smallest/skinniest player. I never let any challenges like this hold me back from something I wanted so badly, so I put my all into it. I was competing against great athletes who have been playing quarterback their entire life, but I was able to come out as our starter. Sadly, in my second game, one of our kick returners got hurt, and because of my speed my coach put me at kick return just for that play. On this play, I returned the kick all the way to the opponents 20 yard line, but was pushed out of bounds which resulted in breaking my arm. I was out for a while, and in this time I really considered if I was "built for football". I was able to convince myself that I was, and I worked, and worked. Somehow, I was able to return in just over three weeks. In my second game back, we became the only team to score against one of the best teams in the league (at the time). We had a rough end to the season, but not much later after the season ended, I had received some news. I had been selected to the best 7on7 team in Philadelphia, Philly's Finest. At the time of writing this, my season has not started yet, but I look forward to big things.
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