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DJuan Boults

  • El paso, TX
  • 2010
  • 5' 5''
  • 110
  • 2029
  • Elite Frog Unit (EFU)
  • Football
  • Athlete
  • 95 Profile Views
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Scouting Report

Boults is a playmaker with the ball in his hands. He's a real engine for his team's offense. He runs with purpose and knows how to hit the hole hard. Boults breaks through the first tackler on most of his runs, as he keeps his legs churning through contact. On defense, Boults lays down big hits and love to make a play on the ball. With his good instincts, he's able to sniff out the offense's play quickly.

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  • Year
  • 2029
    Under the radar camp mvp Tyler Eifert fastest camper, Jenkins Elite Top Performer, Missouri All youth RB, League MVP x3


School Name HS Graduation GPA
Purple Heart Elementary 2029 3.9

College of Interest

Goals and about me

My Dream Goal
Earn a degree in sports and science, NFL Player, and then become a Coach.
My Individual Season Goal
Rush for 2,000 Yards Win a Title
About me
Elite Frog Unit 10U RB The real Superman, I will not be outworked! #God #family #football #BestFootWorkInTheGame About / Bio Elementary: Purple Heart GRADUATION YEAR: 2029 ACADEMIC INFORMATION GPA: 3.892/4.00 CONTACT INFORMATION Address:N/A Cell: 573-452-9839 Email: [email protected] Instagram: @supermanboults Twitter: djuanboults Facebook: rockboults Mother: Christy Phone#: N/A FatheJuanuan [email protected] 5734529839 Live with: both parents Siblings: 1 Sister SPORT Football, basketball, track, and baseball POSITION RB, PG, 100m, 200m, Shortstop POWER & AGILITY Height: 5 Weight: 104 Bench Press: Pushups: 51 Squat: 40 Yard Dash: 5.1 100m dash: 12.1 Wingspan Vertical Jump: 19.5 Broad Jump: 6" 2 STATS/TOURNAMENTS & HONORS 2019-2020 – Season Stats: Solo Tackles – 21, Asst. Tackles – 11, Total Tackles – 32, Sacks – 4, Caused Fumbles – 3. Offense: 2132 Rushing Yrds catching: 21 Catches 511 total yards 2019-2020 seawall-league all-league- All Missouri, All Texas Under the radar- Top RB Offense-defense All American RB Blu-Chips RB D1-All American RB RnR Top 100 Player Top 20 RB All Nike Skills RB - Deleware State University Sports Illustrated Liberty Bowl True Talent RB- Louisiana: MVP Extracurricular (non-sports related) Activities: Community service: Through my elementary school I have participated in the reading program that goes to donation for community “Growing up I have always volunteered to work non-profit that provides living services to people with significant disabilities. I have written letters to our troops (my dad is a troop) overseas and have also done trash pick up on roads with my dad. COACH CONTACT INFORMATION COACHES CONTACT INFORMATION Head Coach: Phone: 5734529839 Email: [email protected] COACH & ATHLETES COMMENTS Brayden is a student who truly exemplifies the cliché’ “a born leader.” This characteristic has magnified as he has matured and, in my opinion, will continue to enhance his leadership skills. His active leadership ability is noted through his involvement on the football team, where he consistently demonstrates his determination to be the best and to inspire his teammates to do the same. Brayden sets the example for what coaches look for in exceptional players, displaying self-discipline and a tremendous work ethic. Brayden exemplary character, positive attitude, ability to grasp academic material, and friendly, cooperative nature have equipped him to play an integral role in a university setting. Therefore, it is without hesitation or regret that I recommend Brayden Boults to you for consideration.” I might not have 1,000 followers but it's about quality over quantity give Superman a chance!
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